Many new Shihpoo families want to know how big their cute little fur ball will grow to be as an adult Shihpoo. Our two Shihpoos weighed about 3 lbs at eight weeks and were told be the two different breeders that our pups would likely weigh around 10 lbs. Ten pounds later, they are both a healthy 15 lbs.

So how much will your Shihpoo puppy weigh as an adult?

Most Shihpoo puppies will grow to between 7 and 20 lbs., so get ready to graduate your eight- or nine-month-old puppy to a new crate as she or he grows. The weights of the puppy’s parents matter, with smaller parents producing smaller puppies, although exceptions are frequent. Based on our May 2020 survey of 517 Shihpoo families, the average Shihpoo adult weight is 13 lbs, with the most common weight being 10 lbs.

The following calculator will provide you with low and high ranges. Initially, we based these calculations on what is common among other toy puppies. From our own experience and what we hear from other Shihpoo families, though, many tend to weigh more as adults than expected. We have attempted to adjust these ranges to be a better fit for Shihpoos.

If your Shihpoo comes from a line of toy poodles mixed with a Shih Tzu, your puppy may weigh anywhere from 5 lbs to 15 lbs or so. If your Shihpoo’s poodle parent was a miniature poodle, your puppy may tip the adults scales in thd 20 or even 30 lb range.

Disclaimer: This calculator is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It offers no guarantee and suggestions no accuracy but is based upon our best estimates only.

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When do Shihpoos Reach their Adult Weight

Shihpoos, like most toy dog breeds, reach their full body weight by their ninth month or as late as a year. Many toy dog breeders estimate their puppies’ adult weight by doubling the puppies’ weight at 6 weeks of age. We have found this generally underestimates the puppies’ ultimate weight.

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Gender Roles in Puppy Weight

Conventional thinking says that a female puppy will weigh closer to her mother’s weight than to her father’s weight, and a male puppy will end up weighing close to its father’s weight. There are always exceptions, and Shihpoos are exceptional puppies.

Adult Shihpoos can range in weight from 6 or 7 pounds on the very low end to nearly 20 on the upper end.

The Law of Regression to the Mean

Nature uses this law to give variety to all creatures in size while also containing (minimizing) the extremes. In essence, child of shorter-than-average parents will generally grow to be taller than their parents but shorter than the average for the species. Conversely, children of taller-than-average parents generally will be shorter than their parents but taller than the average for their species.

In Shihpoos, this means parents who are smaller than their breeds’ average will likely produce Shihpoo puppies who end up a bit larger than their parents’ average weight but still smaller than their parents’ average breed size.

For our two Shihpoos, as an example, they had small parents (12-lb Shih Tzu mom and 6-lb Toy Poodle dad), so our puppies ended up a bit larger than their parents at 13 lbs.

Again, there are exceptions, and puppy selection will matter. Check with the breeder for additional insight and recommendations if adult weight matters to you and your household.