Favorite Shihpoo Quotes from Shihpoo Families

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Over the coming days and weeks, we will be gathering and publishing fun, quote, and relevant quotes about Shihpoos, usually from Shihpoo family members.

Check back soon. In the meanwhile, please consider submitting a quote or two of your own below:

  1. Shihpoos are like granddaughter giggles.
  2. Shihpoos are as sweet as morning sunshine in winter.
  3. Shihpoos are like goofballs made of bouncy rubber joy.
  4. Shihpoo owners can embrace the breed name with unique names like Turd or Whizpee (Ben).
  5. Shihpoos are living teddy bears stuffed with love.
  6. Shihpoos are like a bit of heaven with shenanigans to boot (Lora on Facebook)
  7. Shihpoos are angels disguised as dogs (Patricia on Facebook)
  8. Shihpoos are like pure love and joy (Lynn on Facebook)
  9. Shihpoos are like a whirlwind! (Sarah on Facebook)
  10. Shihpoos are like fluffy hyper kangaroos. (Tania on Facebook)
  11. Shihpoos are like love, furry cuddles, and adorable cuties, all wrapped up in a sweet package. (Facebook friend)
  12. Shihpoos are like God’s best creation flowing over with love. (Susan on Facebook)
  13. Shihpoos are like little furball maniacs that bring that bring joy into our lives.
  14. Shihpoos are like mounds of love with four feet. (Elle on Facebook)
  15. Shihpoos are like a tornado with a tail, 10 minutes of flying around and then silence (Ryan)

Todd Christensen

Founder and lead blogger at ShihpooCentral.com, Todd loves his family's two Shih-poo puppies, Titus Rex and Stark Antonio (aka Sir Titus Whitus and Baron von Wigglebutt). He and his wife have four wonderful human children as well, and he doubles by day as a financial educator facilitating budgeting, credit building and debt elimination workshops.

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