In Memory of Buddy

b. May 5, 2009 (Mount Sterling, KY)
d. January 31, 2021 (Richmond, KY)

Buddy returning from his bathroom break outside


Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Family Member (Length of Time in the Family)

Jeff (12 Years)

Buddy’s Favorite Treat

Anything Chicken. He loved chicken

Buddy’s Favorite Toy

A green squeaker dog toy

A favorite trick Buddy knew

He did not do a lot of tricks, but he was one great snake dog. I (Jeff) could not count the number of snakes he killed in our backyard every spring. We once had a snake in our basement, and it fell out of the ceiling almost landing in my son’s lap. We called buddy down, and he would not stop till he rooted the snake out from under some junk in the floor and made away with him. He would carry those snakes around in his mouth like a trophy, and it was hard to get him to give them up.

Something that BUDDY loved to do?

Buddy loved to take long walks and ride in the car. He loved doing these things. He had aquired Cushing’s syndrom around 10 years into his life, and about a year later he was diagnosed with cancer. He had to wear a belly wrap and a diaper due to these illnesses and the effects on his body. Near the end of his life, he had lost all control of his back legs. He is dearly missed. Not a day goes by that I do not think of my best friend and the much joy and happiness he brought to our family. Shihpoos are such good dogs to own, and Buddy was one of the best.

A favorite memory of BUDDY

When my son was a couple of years old, he and Buddy would play tug of war. Buddy would pull him all over the house. He also loved to play hide and seek. We would throw a towel over his head, he would wait 4 or 5 seconds, shake it off, and come look for us.

I bought him a bag of 50 plastic squeakers off eBay. He would get so excited when I would give him one. He would carry them around for days making a lot of noise. He also liked a laser light. He would chase it for hours and never get tired of trying to catch it. He got along with cats and other dogs, but he could not stand snakes and groundhogs.