Shihpoos are not working dogs (except service and therapy Shihpoos). They are not just an animal. To their families, they can be everything. They represent and even reflect the best in us: unconditional love, exuberant joy, playfulness, affection, meekness, and more.

If your Shihpoo has passed on (recently or previously), we invite you to share your love for and memories of your Shihpoo with others. Doing so may not only lift your spirits but may provide a timely boon to others going through their own grief.

As Shihpoo lovers and as a Shihpoo family, we have experienced the loss of pets and know the heartache it brings. This page is not meant to help anyone “get over” their loss but to ease the pain and celebrate the joyous life of their Shihpoo.

Shihpoo Memorials by Shihpoo Family Members

Shihpoo family members submitted the memorials linked below. We encourage anyone who is grieving the recent loss of their Shihpoo to complete the form at the bottom of this page.

2020 Memorials

Jack (New Mexico)

Max (Ohio)

2021 Memorials

Buddy (Kentucky)

Please consider sharing your memorial below: