In Memory of Max

b. August 8, 2007
d. August 7, 2020


Wickliffe, Ohio, USA

Family Member (Length of Time in the Family)

Danette (13 Years)

Max’s Favorite Treat

Dehydrated sweet potatoes

Max’s Favorite Toy

Mr. Frog

A favorite trick Max knew

Roll Over

Something Max Loved to Do

He loved to go on walks. When he would see you going to get his leash, he would be barking and dancing with excitement.

Family’s favorite memory of Max

We have many! He loved when we sang happy birthday and the candles were lit on the birthday cake. He would bark and sing along with us. He also loved to help you open up gifts. He would talk to you in this funny growl like if you were gone for a while I swear he would be saying where have you been!