Other Recommendations to Make Life Better for Shihpoo Families

As we find products and services we feel you should know about as a current or potential Shihpoo family, we will list this here below.


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Kennel/Exercise Pen

We brought our first Shihpoo home just a week before Christmas 2016. Over the next month and a half, we had snow storm after snow storm, having up to a foot of snow on the ground at times (that’s a lot for southwest Idaho). We had side fences but shared the back yard with three different neighbors. We couldn’t let Titus Rex out the back door for his potty breaks because he loved the snow. We risked him not wanting to come in or running over to our neighbors’ patios.

We bought this folding black metal pen to place around our back door. At that house, the snow came right up to the back door, so we didn’t care if he was pooping or peeing above the small back patio rather than the hibernating lawn.

We placed one end of the pen against our house on one side of our back door, arced the pen around our patio, and placed the other end against the house on the other side of the door. With a latching gate, we were still able to get in and out of our patio area when needed, but it worked fine for keeping our little guy from escaping.

WARNING: This pen is only two and a half feet tall and might be jumped by many adult Shihpoos, so keep that in mind.

Steps and Ramps

Couch and Bed Steps: What we like about these couch steps by Pet Gear is, first, the steps are slanted, almost like a ramp, second, each step has a carpet tread that is also machine washable, and third, it is one of the most affordable steps available but still top rated.

These steps also have rubber grippers on the bottom to keep them in place and from slipping out from under your puppy.

Couch and Bed Ramp: If you prefer a ramp to steps, this Pet Gear ramp could be a helpful tool for your Shihpoo. Whether she or he is a senior dog or young, it’s not a bad idea to protect the back from injury.

It may not be tall enough to reach level with many high beds, but because it has a carpet tread on the top, your puppy may be able to hop onto the bed rather easily. This product also has anti-skid rubber grippers on the bottom to keep it in place.

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