You want to find some needed clothing for your puppy to wear, we have some ideas for you. Beyond these, though, if you want something unique for your Shihpoo puppy, try

For Your Shihpoo

Clothing for puppies is generally a fashion choice for the owners, but not always.

If you have cold winters and your Shihpoo has a short trim, there are articles of clothing you will want to keep him or her warm when outside for any length of time.

If you or others in your neighborhood put down snow melt pellets and crystals on driveways and sideways, you may want to consider paw protectors for your Shih-poo.

Costumes for Your Shihpoo

You can checkout our blog on this topic for some additional ideas, but I am going to recommend you avoid overdressing your Shihpoo. Our puppies do not like anything on or around their bodies (maybe reminds them of the “cone of shame” they wore after neutering.

If I were to dress our puppies up, a jersey from my favorite NFL team would probably be most tempting. You will want size Small for your full-grown Shih-poo or X-Small for your puppy under 10 lbs. The choice is yours, but I would prefer the look of the Scarlet and Gold of the SF 49ers on my puppies.

Winter Clothing

  • Paw Protectors
  • Winter Coat

Summer Heat Protection for your Shihpoo

  • Paw Protector from hot asphalt. If you are talking your Shihpoo for a walk in the heat of summer, you may forget that black asphalt can reach temperatures of 40° to 60° above the air temperature. So if you take your puppy for a walk (even a brief one) and the temperature outside is 100°, your puppy’s paws can be subjected to 160° asphalt. Make sure to protect him with something like these walker boots from Chewy or other vendors.
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  • Traction-control Socks for senior, frail, or other Shihpoos struggling with slippery tile and hardwood floors. We can see how these can help puppies who are beginning to struggle with jumping up on couches or even playing on slick floors.

For You and Your Family

Shihpoos are such sweet and cute little guys and girls that families have a hard time not wanting to show them off. We’ve got you cover:


You can get a plain old strap or collar, but I highly recommend you use a harness. When we first tried a collar, our oldest Shihpoo would cough like he was gasping for air every time he pulled against the leash.

Soft harnesses

Here is what we got for our second Shihpoo puppy immediately: a soft and stretchable harness. It’s just like these from Amazon. Compared to a collar, harnesses are so damaging to the Shihpoo’s trachea.


A retractable and lockable leash is a must. You won’t need a heavy duty leash that is meant for Labradors and Pit bulls. Your 10 or 15-lb Shihpoo might pull you on a walk if untrained, but you won’t need to spend more than about $10. What I like about this black leash from Flex on Amazon is you don’t have to worry about the retractable portion going back in twisted, since it’s just a cord.


For Shih-poo Mama: You can find just about anything you want on Etsy. Here’s a fun t-shirt that reads, “SHIH-POO mama” that is available in three colors. It’s about 5 times more expensive than a plain ol’ t-shirt, but you are getting it for the statement, not the price.

If you would like to personalize your puppy’s t-shirt, pick or create your favorite photo and head over to Zazzle.