The Rescue of Lucy Lu the Shihpoo

Lucy Lu’s Birthdate: May 2016
Lucy Lu’s Adoption Date: May 11, 2020

Lucy Lu’s Family Member: Requested to Remain Anonymous
Rescue Country: USA

The Most Surprising Part of Lucy Lu’s Rescue

Our friend, who happens to be a groomer, contacted me with info from a groomer friend of his, about our little girl. Her current owner was not well, could no longer take proper care of Lucy Lu, and was looking for someone to rehome her. I gave my phone number to our friend who passed it on to his friend, who passed it on to Lucy Lu’s owner.

There was also a Facebook post with many people showing interest, so I didn’t think I would have a chance to get her. To my surprise, Lucy Lu’s owner called me, we talked for a bit, and she told me she just felt I was the right person to care for the dog she loved so much but wasn’t able to care for any longer. We picked Lucy Lu up a few days later.

The most DIFFICULT part of Lucy Lu’s rescue experience

I was told Lucy Lu was originally a “mommy” from a puppy mill where she was abused and mistreated. She was rescued from there by the previous owner who had her for about 1 1/2 years.
We had had Lucy Lu 3 weeks when she snuck out of the house by herself. I was devastated! We immediately started driving the roads looking for her with no luck.

The next morning, I got a knock on my door. One of our neighbors has a trail cam (we live beside a heavily wooded area) and he had pictures of Lucy Lu roaming our neighborhood the previous night. We borrowed a live trap, set it in our yard with a hamburger in it every night, and put her bed and blankets outside. We walked the woods, our neighborhood, other close neighborhoods, streets, calling her name, and hoping we would find her.

After 7 days of searching, I gave up all hope of ever seeing her again. She is so cute that someone had probably taken her to their home as their new pet or an animal in the woods had gotten her.

However, on the 8th day, a good samaritan found Lucy Lu and took her to a local vet who was able to find us because I had updated her chip information. How thankful I am for that unknown person! She apparently spent most of her time in the woods because she was covered in burrs and had a couple of ticks.

More about Lucy Lu’s rescue story

Lucy Lu is so funny. We have had her for 3 months and she doesn’t bark or make much noise at all. She is very docile, skittish, timid, and afraid of loud noises. But she is also very, very sweet!

Lucy won’t eat her dog food if there are people around, but she loves to get bites from my plate. She sleeps with us and gets up in the night after she thinks we have fallen asleep and eats her food.

After she was returned to us, Lucy and I spent about 2 months on our houseboat, and she seems to have bonded with me. She is my little shadow and follows me everywhere I go. She is not as comfortable with my husband yet, and it makes me curious if she has a fear of men.

I am confident Miss Lucy Lu is going to continue to warm up to us.