With two of our own, we know Shihpoos are extremely photogenic. So, let’s share the wealth. To submit a photo of your own, use the form below the gallery at the bottom of this page.

Shihpoo Photo of the Week

Stuey is a playful fun extremely quick best friend that loves to adventure.
He loves swimming & going in planes, trains & automobiles!

Typically, we have received scores of photo submissions each year featuring beautiful dogs, from Shihpoo puppies to full-grown Shihpoos. Consequently, you can find photos here of a variety of puppies, from brown, white, and black Shihpoos to gold, tan, red, and multi-colored Shihpoos. Just take a look at our past Shihpoo of the Week photos.

Submitting Your Own Photo for Consideration

If you would like to submit a photo of your own Shihpoo, please use the form below. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • The dog must be a Shihpoo (mixed breed Shih Tzu-Poodle parentage or of a Shihpoo-Shihpoo litter)
  • No people, people body parts, or other animals in the photo with your Shihpoo
  • The photo should be of high enough resolution that it does not blur at 1500 pixels high 1000 pixels wide
  • Keep the background uncluttered (e.g. no furniture, bookshelves, TV, etc. or lots of contrasting colors)
  • The ideal photo will have the puppy’s face in or near the center of the photo with plenty of background space around the edges.
  • For ideas and tips, see our post on how to take great photos of your Shihpoo.

Past Pics of the Week for 2022

See Shihpoo photos from previous years here: 2019 Gallery 2020 Gallery, 2021 Gallery.

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Shihpoo families know their puppies possess very photogenic personalities. They have expressive eyes and look like stuffed Teddy Bears. Of course, how could they not stop viewers in their tracks?

You might know these adorable mixed-breed dogs by one of their many names: Shihpoos, Shih-poos, Shipoos, Shoodles, Shih Tzu Poos, Shihdoodles, Pootzus, and Pooshihs. Regardless, a rose by any other name is still just as sweet, right? In our humble opinion, Shihpoos are still the cutest and sweetest non-shedding toy and mini dogs you can find.