Ask Google to Differentiate Shihpoo and Shih Tzu Searches

The more we unite and ask Google for help, the more they will work on our behalf to clear up our search results.

If you love Shihpoos (or Shih-poos or Shipoos or Shih poos) as much as I do, you inevitably bump up against the most frustrating aspect of their names. It’s not the images they conjure. It’s not the smirks or giggles they invoke. It is the fact that frequently when you do a Google search, most of the results are for Shih Tzus, not Shihpoos.

But, can you do anything to get Google to tell the difference between a Shihpoo search and a Shih Tzu search?

Yes you can. The next time you perform a Google search for a Shihpoo or Shih-poo or Shipoo or Shih poo and the results mostly list links to information about Shih Tzus, click the “Feedback” link at the bottom of that results page, ask Google to refine their search algorithm, and if you can, include a screen shot.

Giving Google Feedback

Say you wants to know what foods to feed a Shihpoo puppy. Here’s the search terms you might use:

foods to feed a shihpoo puppy

The first two, and seven of the first 10, results will be about Shih Tzus, not Shihpoos. It will look like this:

Don’t get me wrong. We love Shih Tzus too. They are a beautiful and sweet breed, and they are directly responsible for at least half the traits we love about our Shihpoos. But we want Shihpoo results, not Shih Tzu results. We kind of #ShihpooCrazy that way.

Here are a few other search terms that are currently resulting in mostly Shih Tzu links:

Whenever you get results on Shih Tzus rather than Shihpoos, here is what you do:

First, take a screen shot of the results page. If you are on your phone, it usually involves pressing the power button and the “volume up” at the same time, or something similar. If that doesn’t work. Do a Google search for “Take Screen Shot with my xyz phone,” replacing xyz with your phone model. If you are on a desktop, press the “Print Screen” key. If you are on a Chromebook, use the Ctrl plus the screen button at the top.

These actions save a copy of your screen to your clipboard or gallery that you can paste into a document (or screen, as follows).

Next, click on the “Send Feedback” link at the bottom of the page. Find the link highlighted in green here below:

Click the Feedback link will bring up a popup like this where you will enter a description of your search, the Shih Tzu results you received instead, and a copy of your screenshot (notice the blue checkbox).

If you are unsure of what to write, feel free to choose one of the options below, copy and paste it, substituting the highlighted text for your own.

Option 1:

Dear Google,
Thank you for providing such a great search engine. I generally appreciate it so much that I give it little thought throughout the day for making my search for answers to my questions so much easier.
I would like to ask for your help in a matter that is important to me. I love Shihpoos (a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle), but when I search for information on Shihpoos, the resulting list of links is often mostly about Shih Tzus.
Would you please add to your algorithm something that will improve the potential for differentiating between Shihpoos and Shih Tzu?
Shihpoo searches can also use other variations of the name, such as Shih-poo, Shipoo, or Shih poo.
Thank you for your time and assistance.

Option 2

Dear Google,
I appreciate all you have done to simplify my life by providing a great search engine.
I have notice that there may be an opportunity to improve even more your search algorithm. When it comes to my favorite dog, the Shihpoo (a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle), I often find that results pages include links almost exclusively about Shih Tzus.
Could you please update your algorithm to differentiate Shihpoos from Shih Tzus? Many Shihpoo searches use other spellings, like Shih-poo, Shipoo, or Shih poo.
Thank you for your help.

Option 3

Dear Google,
Is there a way that you could clarify searches I do for information related to Shihpoo dogs? Quite often, when I search for Shihpoos, I get a lot of Shih Tzu information instead. While I appreciate Shih Tzus as a parent of my Shihpoo, I need information specifically about my dog.
Thank you for helping me get the right information about the best dog in the world: mine.
If it helps, sometimes I use the term Shihpoo while at other times I have used the spelling of Shih-poo, Shipoo, or even Shih poo.
Have a great day!

Send and Share

Finally, click the Send button. It is that easy. If you really want to make a difference, ask other #ShihpooFans to do the same. The more we unite and ask Google for help, the more they will work on our behalf to clear up our search results.

That Will Be the Day

Let’s make this post completely obsolete by getting Google to add the required code to their algorithm that will completely differentiate between Shihpoos, Shih-poos and Shihpoos and their parent breed Shih Tzus.



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