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Top Products We Recommend for Your Shihpoo

We have used many of the products and services we recommend. Others, we have researched and offer our studied opinion. Click on the images below to see our recommendations. If you have your own recommendations, please submit them at the bottom of the page.


Accessories for Shihpoos

Accessories: From totes and costumes to bumper stickers and even a way to customize your phone case, find some ideas to make your Shihpoo’s life even more enjoyable than it already is.

Food and Treats

Food Recommended for Shihpoos

Nutrition plays a central role in the health, happiness, and wellbeing of your Shihpoo. We’ve tried a variety of food and treats for our two Shihpoos, and we offer our recommendations for what our puppies have enjoyed the most. We’ve also ensured the food we recommend matches our own nutrition guidelines based on our post about what to ensure your puppy food lists in the ingredients.

Toys and Chews

Toys for Shihpoos

Our dogs love tug-of-war, so we will of course include among our recommendations several toys that your Shihpoo puppies will also likely enjoy. They especially love rubber rings they can pull and tug on.

We have also listed a number of chews that we’ve tried or have read strong recommendations for from other Shihpoo families. You’ll find balls, disks, and bones that your Shihpoo can chew but not destroy.

Crates and Bedding

Shihpoo Bedding and Crates

Most 8-week-old Shihpoos will weigh between 2 lbs and 4 lbs when the family. To best potty train your Shihpoo to not go the bathroom in her or his crate, check out our video on the topic. Suffice to say, you will want a small crate for your Shiphoo until he or she turns about six to nine months old, after which you’ll need a larger one for puppy as he or she becomes an adult. Your tiny little Shihpoo won’t likely grow past 15 or 20 lbs, but since you’ll likely need two crates, you should be informed of your options.

Grooming Gear

Grooming Gear for Shihpoos

After our initial catastrophes trying to groom our first Shihpoo, we took him to a professional for a few months. The cheapest place we found cost over $60 for a hair cut and clipped nails. We decided to get some professional-grade clippers and haven’t looked back. Don’t go cheap. You’ll regret it like we did. Check out our other grooming recommendations here.

Exercise Gear

Exercise equipment and gear for Shihpoos

Exercise gear matters not just for helping keep your Shihpoo in good health but also for avoiding injury to your puppy. I’ll say it up front, DON’T use a dog collar for going on a walk. Use a harness. The Shihpoo’s trachea is too shallow and too likely to be damaged by even slight jerking of a collar. See more recommendations here.

In making our recommendations, we taking into account the value of the product (cost and durability), its availability, and its safety. We are never going to recommend a product that we would not use on our own Shihpoos.