Shihpoo Bedding and Crates

Providing a safe and comfortable space for your Shihpoo to sleep is a top priority for Shihpoo families. This will include your Shihpoo’s crate and the bedding that goes in it.

Bedding and Pads

Our dogs both love the soft, fleecy bed cushion we’ve had forever. This micromesh bed from ASPCA is the second bed we have ordered. Time for a doggy nap. Sweet dreams!

best bedding to calm a Shihpoo

Anxiety Bed: With multiple recommendations from my friends on Shihpoo Facebook groups, I’ve got to add this anxiety bed to this page. Buy the small version. It works fine for dogs up to 20 lbs.


Our personal preference is a plastic crate.

Why we did NOT like the wire crates:

  • More likely to scratch our hardwood floor
  • Our Shihpoo chewed the black molding off the wires
  • Much more difficult to pick up
  • Not meant for carrying to the car for visits to the vet
The best affordable crate for a Shihpoo puppy

This plastic crate from Petmate is the one we eventually got for our first Shihpoo when he was a little pup. We originally bought a medium-sized crate, but it was too big for him (he pooped in it a couple of times before we finally caught on). Once we bought him a small crate like this one from Chewy (the one we bought is no longer available), no more pooping, and he slept great!

Be prepared to buy your Shihpoo a small crate (like this one from when he is a puppy, but once he is 8 or 9 months old (nearing his peak size), you will likely need a medium-sized crate (for 10-20 lbs). It stinks to have to only use the first one for less than a year, but you can sell it on Facebook marketplace to recoup a bit of the cost.