Despite their diminutive size, Shihpoos still need regular exercise, and they can even enjoy some intensive periods of activity. Even when your Shihpoo has already had his or her own exercise session, you may want to extend your own exercise routine and take your canine companion with you.

Here are some items we have researched or used ourselves. To make the list, the item must have at least a 4 out of 5-star rating. It will not be the most expensive option, but neither will it likely be cheap and poorly built or manufactured.

Exercise Gear for Your Shihpoo

Harness with soft and flexible neck to protect your Shihpoo’s trachea.
We love this harness with a soft collar. It’s a must for your Shihpoo to avoid tracheal restrictions (coughing). Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.

Exercise Equipment for You and Your Shihpoo

Bicycle Trailer: Your Shihpoo is not built for running beside you while you bike around your neighborhood, not even for a block. Instead, consider attaching a dog trailer to your bicycle while you explore your community.

What we like about this Aosom trailer is the idea that it has a universal attachment to hook the trailer up quickly to your bike. I would recommend not going with a 2-in-1 trailer/jogger since by the time you convert it from one version to another, you’ve likely lost your interest in the activity.

Bicycle Basket: What could be more enjoyable than a bicycle ride on a beautiful, sunny day with your bestest little furball of a friend? Not much. If you’d prefer to have your puppy up front with you or even on the back rather than in a trailer, a basket is the way to go.

What we like about this Barkbay Bike Dog Basket Carrier is its design for safety AND convenience. Many baskets are simple wicker designs that you set your puppy in. If you’re like us, you would worry the whole ride that your Shihpoo might see something fascinating and jump out and get hurt. This baskets includes a nylon mesh cover to keep poochie visible, engaged, and in the basket.

Then, there’s the convenience factor. When you get to the office, the park, or the store, pop the basket off its quick-release handlebar mount and it’s now a carrier. Plus, unlike the wicker baskets, this comes with two storage pockets for treats and the leash. This version is strong enough to hold a dog weighing up to 24, making it perfect for just about every Shihpoo out there.

Jogger/Stroller (Black, Green, Blue or Red): I remember the days of pushing our babies around in a stroller and having the front wheels stick and catch of every little rock or groove. That’s not going to happen again, not when we get a jogger/stroller for our dogs. The large, swiveling front wheel means you can focus on your puppy and the scenery rather than the pebbles ahead.

Plus, along with the storage space, cup holder, and foot brake, you can also easily reach down and pull the canopy back with one hand rather than needing two to unzip and tuck. Happy Trails!