We love asking Shihpoo families about their Shihpoos and their Shihpoo lives. And we love learning more about how their relationships are so strong and alive. We love our Shihpoos, but we know there is no one right way to Shihpoo.

How much do Shihpoos weigh?

Based on a previous survey (Why Shihpoo families choose Shihpoos), Shihpoo size matters. If you join any of the private Facebook groups devoted to Shihpoos, you will find this question pops up virtually every week. We surveyed members of the groups, Shih-poo, Shih-poo Family, and Shihpoo Nation, asking them how much their adult Shihpoo weighs. Out of 517 responses given in just over two days, here is the breakdown:

While the average Shihpoo size still appears to be around 12- to 13-pound range, the most common Shihpoo size is clearly 10 lbs. That said, this result should be moderated based on the fact that so many (12%) answered 10 lbs while so few answer just one pound lighter or heavier (1% and 2% respectively). What this says is owners likely pick the 10 lb weight as an easy reference rather than calling her or him a 9-lb or an 11-lb dog.

Additionally, we were very surprised by the 8% of Shihpoos who weigh 20 lbs or more. Obviously, there are more Miniature Poodles being bread for Shihpoos than most posts and sites would lead you to believe.

In Summary:

Average Shihpoo Weight:12.7 lbs
Median Shihpoo Weight:12.0 lbs
Most Common Shihpoo Weight:10.0 lbs

Try our Estimated Adult Shihpoo Weight Calculator for your young puppy here: https://shihpoocentral.com/weight

Why do families choose Shihpoos? (April 2020)

Nine possible explanations for why a family will choose to purchase or rescue a Shihpoo involve their physical characteristics (low-/non-shedding hair, hypoallergenic coat, adorable cuteness, small size, sturdiness), their character (playful, good with children, their cuddlebug nature), and economics (cost).

We polled a large Shihpoo Facebook group and asked members of another Shihpoo Facebook group to complete this same survey on our site. As a result, we heard for nearly 150 Shihpoo families in three days. Here are the results:

The top two reasons for choosing a Shihpoo are its non-shedding (or low-shedding) hair and its small size. Clearly, families want an indoor dog that will not leave a pile of fur on the furniture but also be able to manage size-wise.

How far did you travel to pick up your Shihpoo? (April 2020)

We asked members of four Shihpoo Facebook groups to answer this question, and in just over 24 hours, we received 540 responses.

Over half of all Shihpoo families found their Shihpoo within an hour’s drive of their home, with nearly one-third picking up their puppy within just a few miles of their home (or having the puppy delivered in some cases). Surprisingly, more people traveled between 100 and 500 miles to pick up their puppy than people who traveled just 50 to 100 miles.

Only 3% traveled more than 500 miles to pick up their Sihpoo, and many of them posted that they would be willing to travel even further next time because they love their Shihpoos so much.

Here is the chart showing the results:

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