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You might have heard that dogs are a relection of their owner. In the case of Shihpoos, this saying might be reversed. Shihpoos are such sweet, playful puppies that their families can’t help but take on some of that same personality.

Are Shihpoos easy to train?

Every Shihpoo puppy is unique, but most Shihpoos inherit the intelligent and quick-learning abilities of their Poodle parent. With focus, a little patience, and perseverence, you can have your Shihpoo learning proper obedience as well as fun tricks.

Help Your Shihpoo to Stop Chewing

Not all Shihpoos turn out to be aggressive chewers. Like all puppies, though, you can expect your young Shihpoo, particularly between four and eight months, to chew on whatever he or she can find while teething. Be sure to provide plenty of toys and chews, but you may also need to consider an anti-chew spray like this one from Petsvv. We used to recommend another that worked well for both our puppies, but more than half of other dog families reported it failed to have any effect on their little chewers. This spray from Petsvv will cost you about five times as much, but its reviewers give overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Training Your Shihpoo to Stop Barking

Our neighbor introduced us to this little piece of magic. We use it for two purposes. First, the only time our older puppy barked that annoyed us was when someone knocked at the door or rang the doorbell. Using this tool, he stopped barking in a microsecond.

Second, I personally believe that the dogs should not be allowed at the front entrance (we have a tiled entrance) for two reasons. It minimizes their territoriality in the home when visitors come and it minimizes the chances of them slipping through the door and disappearing into the ether. This tool is so easy to use and so effective, you’ve got to have one for the front door area and one for the couch.

DOPQIEG Anti-Barking Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool.

We just call it “The Clicker.” Simple to use and effective in a very short period.

We used it to train our Shihpoos to stop barking when someone knocked or rang the doorbell. We also used this miracle device to keep the dogs away from the from door entry way (helps prevent them running away and from mobbing visitors).

Stopping a Relentless Chewer

Try this chew deterrent from Out! It worked wonderfully for us when our puppies were going through their teething stage.

We sprayed it on corners of our leather couch, our wooden counter corners, chair and table legs, and even spots on the floor where our puppies would lay and try to chew on the carpet.

Potty Training

A doggy doorbell was central to training our Shihpoos to go outside to pee or poo. You can purchase a nice looking silver bell on a curled strip like this one from Chewy

…or you can take a jingle bell out of your Christmas tree tote, tie it to a string and hang it from the doorknob like we did. Check out our YouTube video on the steps here.

Simple and Easy YouTube Training Videos

When we have questions about our Shihpoos’ behaviors, we have the option of checking out YouTube videos for free or getting serious and registering for online training classes. Here are our reviews of what we have found helpful so far:

Zak GeorgeVideos step-by-step trainingYouTube Link$0Clear, Visual, Every Training Topic

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