“How To” Shihpoo videos from ShihpooCentral.com.

Choosing Shihpoo Bedding

Choosing the right bedding for your Shihpoo can mean the difference between quiet and comfortable nights and whining puppies after midnight. Be sure to provide a comfortable space your cuddlebug will be excited to jump into for naps or for the night.

Join Shihpoo Central’s founder, Todd Christensen, for a discussion of bedding materials, including nylon mesh, Microtech, and calming shag donuts. Find recommendations at https://shihpoocentral.com/bedding.

Shihpoo Road Trips

Pick up a few lessons and tricks for traveling with your Shihpoo(s) next time you want to hit the open road. Do you have everything? The food? The snacks? Toothbrush? Water bowl? Don’t forget to document and share! That’s what makes road trips memorable, right?

Can Shihpoos Eat That?

An extension of our post, “11 Food Tips to Raising a Healthy Shihpoo Puppy,” this webinar goes through 50 different foods (see the abbreviated listed below) and explains whether it is safe, dangerous, toxic or poison and, in many cases, in what forms and quantities:

  1. Almonds
  2. Apple
  3. Avacado
  4. Bananas
  5. Beans
  6. Beef Jerky
  7. Blueberries
  8. Carrots
  9. Celery
  10. Cheese
  11. Cherries … and MORE.

What do you think? Can Shihpoos stomach meat past its expiration date? Are oranges okay for snacks? What about ice cubes? Even eggshells make the list. Check it out now!

How to Choose Healthy Food for a Happy Shihpoo

“How to Choose Healthy Foods for a Happy Shihpoo” addresses 6 critical issues you should consider when deciding on foods that will help you raise a happy and healthy Shihpoo puppy. You can find additional tips in our blog post, “11 Food Tips to Raising a Healthy Shihpoo Puppy.”

Choosing the Best Crate for Your Shihpoo

Are you trying to decide on a crate for your furbaby Shihpoo? Perhaps you’ve seen a “puppy apartment” and think that is the way to go. Or maybe you are worried that your baby might need more room than a cramped little crate. Should you go with wire or plastic? If you are asking these or related questions, you have got to watch this video. Todd explains why their Shihpoos never use their outdoor dog house, why they have different sized plastic crates, and how they used an “apartment” their sweet neighbor lent them.

How to Train a Shihpoo to Ring a Bell before Going Outside to Go Potty

Description. Based on the best advice I ever received about training a puppy, from my coworker Mark, here are the full 4 Steps to Potty Training Your Puppy.

  1. Introduce your new puppy to one room at a time for at least two to three days at a time, helping them to understand it is a living area, like a den, where instincts tell them they are not supposed to pee or poop
  2. Every hour or two, whenever they eat or drink or whenever you can encourage them to drink and eat, stay VERY vigilant because they are about to pee or poop
  3. Take them to the back door where you have hung a bell from the knob or installed bells along the floorboards. Ring the bell with their paw and take them outside to the lawn or other potty area
  4. Take a training treat (like the two we prefer at this link) outside with the puppy and give it to them AS SOON AS he or she pees or poops. Do not wait to give them the treat until they go inside or even leave the lawn. Otherwise, the positive association will be gone.

How to Care for Your Shihpoo’s Teeth

How to Cut Your Shihpoo’s Hair at Home

How to Spell and Pronounce Shihpoo

How and When to Train Your Shihpoo to Sleep in Your Bed