Would you like some bling for yourself to show off some Shihpoo pride by sporting Shihpoo-displaying clothing? We have some ideas for you. Beyond these, though, if you want something unique for your Shihpoo puppy, try Etsy.com.

When you love your Shihpoo so much you want to shout it to the world, here are a few ideas for you:


When you’re with your Shihpoo, you don’t want your arms full of anything else. Here’s a tote on Amazon that proudly displays your devotion to your puppy.

Halloween Costumes

Star Wars Ewok Costume: You don’t need much help to turn your Shihpoo into an Ewok. T hey are the perfect match: cut, small, and furry but also intelligent and fierce. Find this costume on Amazon here.

Post-surgery Protection

While your vet should send your Shih-poo home with a hard plastic Elizabethan collar, you might consider something a little more playful and a little less like the “cone of shame.”

Alfie Pet’s lion’s mane and ears recovery collar will turn the 7-10 days your puppy is wearing the collar from a week of embarrassment to one of added cuteness. Most Shihpoos will need an Extra Small or a Small. Choose the appropriate size based on the girth (circumference) of your puppy’s neck.

Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker: it’s not much to look at, but how fun would it be to have Shih and Poo on your bumper. I’d honk for you! This one from Walmart is 10″x3″ and costs just over a 5 spot.

Phone Case: Imagine carrying your puppy with you wherever you go. Or perhaps your beloved Shihpoo recently passed. With your favorite photo of your puppy, you can add it to a phone case and enjoy a reminder of your wonderful furry family member. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or Google phone, you can order a special memento through Zazzle to protect your device and warm your heart. Click here.