You would think the pronunciation of Shihpoo would be easy enough, since “Shih” comes from the Shih Tzu parent and “poo” from the Poodle parent. As such, it would be pronounced just as the “Shih” in Shih Tzu that sounds like “she.”

That said, many pronounce the name as SHIP-oo.


While both are common and, really, either is acceptable, we prefer the pronunciation inherited from the parents of SHEE-poo.


Besides the confusion over how to pronounce the dog’s name, even the spelling can be confusing. Is it Shihpoo, Shih-poo, Shipoo, Shippoo, Shih poo, Shih Poo, or ShihPoo?

Our main point is that none of this changes our belief that these are the cutest puppies ever.

Still, for clarity sake, we use the contacted version by default on this site: Shihpoo. Although Shih-poo is more commonly used, searching for anything related to “Shih-poo” online results in Shih Tzu sites. We hope that by promoting the single word, Shihpoo, others who love this dog will find greater access to related information online.

Variety of Names

While we are at it, let’s put a few variations of the dog’s name out there:

  1. Shihpoo, Shih-poo or Shipoo
  2. Poo-Tzu
  3. Poo-Shih (not recommended, in order to differentiate this dog from the Poo-Shi, a Poodle-Shiba Inu mix)
  4. Shoodle

Again, for simplicity sake, we discuss this dog using the term, “Shihpoo.”