Top 10 Most Popular Shihpoo Puppy Names from 2019 National Survey

In September 2019, Shihpoo Central conducted a nationwide survey of nearly 400 Shihpoo puppies available for adoption and sale. Besides purchase and adoption pricing by state as well as puppy coat colors and value added services offered by various breeders, we noted the names breeders use to market their puppies. What are the 10 most…

In September 2019, Shihpoo Central conducted a nationwide survey of nearly 400 Shihpoo puppies available for adoption and sale. Besides purchase and adoption pricing by state as well as puppy coat colors and value added services offered by various breeders, we noted the names breeders use to market their puppies.

What are the 10 most popular names for Shihpoo puppies in 2019?

Girl Shihpoos:

  1. Chloe
  2. Bella
  3. Daisy/Daisey
  4. Harper
  5. Aspen
  6. Aria
  7. Mia
  8. Lilly
  9. Sugar
  10. Becka/Becky

Boy Shihpoos:

  1. Sam/Sammy
  2. Snickers
  3. Bandit
  4. Teddy
  5. Bailey
  6. Simba
  7. Dandy
  8. Oreo
  9. Gabe
  10. Kodak

Honorable Mention:

Most Popular Names of Shihpoo Puppies in 2019

As we analyzed our survey, we noticed trends with both boy and girl puppy names. Even though these names were generally those temporarily assigned by the breeders for the purpose of marketing their puppies, and which the puppy’s new family often – usually – would change upon adoption, we can assume that many of these names are based on trends the breeders set themselves or hear from their customers.

If you are getting ready to adopt a Shihpoo puppy, you are perfectly fine changing the name of your dog from what the breeder gave the dog to the name you like most. When considering what to name your puppy, ask yourself if you want to use a “people” name (e.g. Abby), a descriptive name (e.g. Spot or Licorice) or by some other name category (e.g. a food might be Apricot or Peanut while a “nature” name might be Onyx, Polar or Snowflake. has a fun naming tool you can check out for unique names.

Top 5 Popular Female Shihpoo Puppy Names

Chloe is the most popular female Shihpoo puppy name of 2019. From the Greek word that can mean both “blossoming” and “fertility,” Chloe also carries a feeling of classical human names, having experienced its original popularity in the late Victorian era of the 1880s and 1890s. After a brief and muted rebound during the Great Depression, the name Chloe all but disappeared.

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Chloe experienced a resurgence as one of the most popular names for baby girls (of the human species) from the 1990s through the late 2010s across virtually all English-speaking countries.

As with many puppy names, Chloe was considered such a cute baby girl name that dog owners have embraced it with abandon over the past decade or so.

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Bella literally means “beautiful” and is related to names such as Isabella, Ella, Arabella and Anabella. Although Bella started making a comeback as a baby girl name with the publication of Twilight, the name exploded in popularity with the release of the movie whose main character was Bella Swan. Like Chloe, Bella migrated quickly from a popular baby girl name to a popular puppy name almost immediately.

As for Shihpoo puppies named Bella in 2019, interestingly, the majority are mostly black with some white patches. Their popularity extends from New York to Nebraska and back to South Carolina.

Daisy/Daisey describes female Shihpoo puppies just perfectly. They are small, pretty and irresistible when it comes to wanting to pick her up and cuddle with her. The Shihpoo puppy name Daisy is found from California to Florida and even back to the Midwest in Iowa.

While there were some black Daisies among the group, the majority of Shihpoo puppies with the name were mostly white with patches of black or brown.

Harper has been rising in popularity among baby girls since the early 2010s, breaking the top 10 in 2015. As for Shihpoo puppies, females with the name were found entirely in the plains states of Nebraska and Iowa. The timeless classic, To Kill a Mockingbird continues to generate interest in the and Harper, especially since the author came out with her second book in 2015 just a year before she passed away.

Aspen is the second name based in nature to break the top Shihpoo puppy names for females. The other three are baby girl names embraced by dog owners. Shihpoo puppies named Aspen in 2019 tend to be golden in color, recalling the color of Rocky Mountain Aspen Trees in the fall.

While typically considered a female puppy name, you can also find male Shihpoo puppies by the name of Aspen in 2019 as well.

Top 5 Popular Male Shihpoo Puppy Names

Sam and Sammy top the list in 2019 for male Shihpoo puppies. Oddly enough, every single instance of the name occurred in the western half of the US. Although a puppy or two named Sammy were sold in Nebraska and Oklahoma, most were bred in California, Utah and Colorado.

As an additional oddity, the popularity of Sam and Sammy for baby boys has been declining steadily since the beginning of the 20th century, now ranking only in the 600 range. Baby girls are much more likely to be called Sammy than baby boys. Apparently, the popularity of the name for baby girls has not translated to any popularity of the name for female Shihpoo puppies.

Given the popularity of the Marvel movie franchise, Shihpoo puppies named Sam likely have Marvel’s Falcon, Sam Wilson, to thank for their name.

Snickers is both a funny and deliciously sweet name for male Shihpoo puppies. With the exception of a few such puppies bred in Ohio and Kansas, Snickers is exclusively an East Coast Shihpoo puppy name, from Rhode Island down through New York and Maryland all the way to Florida.

Most of the Shihpoo puppies named Snickers were dark brown (after the candy bar, of course), though a few were mostly white with some black and brown patches (perhaps reminiscent of the candy bar’s nougat surrounded by chocolate and caramel).

Bandit is an adorably tough name for such a small and sweet tempered Shihpoo puppy! From Pennsylvania to Missouri and Oklahoma, Bandits must be stealing the hearts of breeders who are sad to have to let them go.

None of the Bandits in the 2019 survey of nearly 400 Shihpoo puppies across the country were black, brown or brindle in color. Most were white with patches of black and brown.

Teddy is an obvious name for a male Shihpoo puppy who is already known for being the teddy bear bread. That does not make it any less cute.

Interestingly, half of the Teddies in this survey were reddish in color – one of the rarest of Shihpoo coat colors, along with Silver, in 2019.

Bailey is experiencing high popularity among Shihpoo puppy adopting families thanks in great part to the sweet and touching movies, A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey. The main character is a dog named Bailey who goes through good times and terrible times to find and fulfill his purpose with his “boy” Ethan.

Even so, Bailey was strictly a Shihpoo puppy name among breeders in the south, including Georgia and South Carolina. The name Bailey is an example of a surname becoming popular as a first name (e.g. George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life, and even my first name, Todd, was originally a surname: e.g. Mary Todd Lincoln).

Most of the Bailey in 2019 puppies are black with some white patches or chest shields. Like the movie star Bailey, these cute little Shihpoo puppies will likely bring joy to their new families for years (in some rare cases, even a couple of decades) to come.

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What are some unique Shihpoo puppy names?
While there are hundreds of unique names for Shihpoo puppies among 2019 breeders, we love the name Jinx for a male in Michigan, Maui for a male in Virginia (yes, we love the movie Moana), and Maya for a female puppy in Pennsylvania. Yolo in New York also makes us laugh outloud.

What are some classic puppy names for Shihpoos?
While not in the top 10, Annie is a classic girl dog name that is still going strong, even among female Shihpoo puppies. For male Shihpoo puppies, Jack (and its derivative Jaxon) are still found among breeders in 2019.

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