Must-know Tips Your Need Now for Training an Adopted Shihpoo

Shihpoo puppies have big hearts to love you unconditionally, but appropriate training will always play an important role when you adopt a dog, no matter how cute or intelligent they are. 

If you want to bring a package of awesomeness home, the Shihpoo breed is the best way to go. These tiny, fluffy animals with giant amber eyes, cool nature, and curly coats will melt your heart. Shihpoo puppies have big hearts to love you unconditionally, but appropriate training will always play an important role when you adopt a dog, no matter how cute or intelligent they are. 

So, you must know the behaviors that your Shihpoo will likely show when you bring them home.

Most Common Shihpoo Behaviors

When you first adopt a Shihpoo, your new furry friend will show different behaviors in entirely new surroundings based on her or his personality. Don’t be surprised if the Shihpoo gets nervous, as it is a natural reaction in an unfamiliar environment.

Another behavior that you might confront with a new Shihpoo is clinginess, especially if you adopt them as a rescue. Fear is common in nearly all rescue dogs.

Bringing them home is not enough; you have to be proactive so your loving, furry ball of Shihpooness can feel at home. The first month after the adoption is critical. This is the best time to determine whether you are a perfect match for each other.

Therefore, you must prepare to give your Shihpoo and yourself a chance at a lifetime friendship Learning about the Shihpoos’s behavior is one way to do it.

Tips For Making Shihpoos Feel at Home

Knowing the range of behaviors that your Shihpoo will show in a new home will help you in deciding what type of training your pup needs in the first place.

Here are a few handy tips that you must know if you recently adopted a Shihpoo or are otherwise planning to bring one into your home.

1. Adopted or Breeder-brought?

The first thing to consider is whether to adopt a puppy from a rescue or shelter or purchase a puppy from a breeder. Unsurprisingly, Shihpoo puppies for sale from breeders exhibit different behavior than dogs from the local humane society.

If you get a Shihpoo from a breeder, it should be at least eight weeks old. A puppy behaves differently than an adult dog. Moreover, if you have chosen an ethical and responsible breeder, the chances are that the puppy will be well-adjusted and well-loved. Therefore, the puppy will expect love from you and quickly adapt to your lifestyle.

However, if you adopt a rescue, it will likely be an adult dog. Moreover, the dogs from rescues often suffer from isolation and anxiety and are not used to socialization. Therefore, they may exhibit finicky behaviors initially and may require more patience and love. The extra time and work you devote to such rescues can result in a feeling of extra love and appreciation for you and your puppy.

2. Learn about the Personality of Shihpoo

A dog owner should know much about the breed they bought home. Try to know as much as you can about a Shihpoo’s personality and temperament.

Doing this means you acknowledge the responsibility that comes when owning a dog. This step becomes crucial when you adopt a small and affectionate breed such as Shihpoo.

This small furry packet is a mixed breed of a poodle and a Shih Tzu, so their personality depends on whether they inherited the traits from the Poodle parent or the Shih Tzu parent. There is no rule of thumb in describing the character of hybrid breeds.

So, spend as much time as you can learning about their preferences: what they like to eat, what they enjoy the most, and what makes them happy. Doing this for at least a month will better help you understand their true personality.

As intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dogs, Shihpoos need your love, time, and attention. Being a pet owner, you mean the world to them.

3. Give them Some Space

As we have already discussed, fear, clinginess, and nervousness are common feelings of newly arrived Shihpoo. Give him or her some time so that they can adapt to the new environment and your home no longer feels unfamiliar and threatening to them.

Of course, you will be delighted to have this new addition to your family but keep these overwhelming emotions in your pocket until your puppy gets comfortable with you.

Too much attention can add to their fear, making them more stressed. Stress and fear must not become a part of this designer breed’s personality.

4. Do Not Delay Training

Once you start noticing that your Shihpoo is getting comfortable with you and their surroundings, immediately start holding training sessions. Waiting too long can make it an uphill task for you. This breed is very intelligent, but sometimes, like most dogs, they can become stubborn, making it challenging for you to train them.

A well-behaved and loyal companion will most likely result from starting their training at the right time. Typically, it takes up to a year to be perfectly trained. So, delaying the training will only prolong it further.

5. Crate Training is an Ideal Start

Do not make the mistake of allowing your Shihpoo to wander freely in your house, especially when they are new to your home. This will make them think the whole house is their property and they can do whatever they can.

So, when you pull your socks up to start training, begin with crate training. But you must consider that your pup does not take the crate as a punishment. For this, consider two things:

Shihpoo Bedding and Crates

First, the crate must be large enough for them to turn around freely in it. For the Shihpoo puppy, a “small” crate is usually the best fit.

Second, the crate must be placed in an area with ample human activity. Therefore, the training is not intended to isolate them or make them feel abandoned, so make sure your Shihpoo feels doesn’t feel lonely in the crate.

6. Understand their Grooming Requirements

From short and curly to long and silky, your Shihpoo’s coat might turn out much different than that of other Shihpoos. Regardless of their coat type, regular grooming is necessary to raise them.

Get them used to twice-a-week grooming sessions. Select a dog brush that suits their coat type and use a soothing and gentle motion. They will first seem reluctant about the process, but soon they will love it.

7. Show Patience in Housebreaking

When you bring a new pup home, you must think about how to teach them where to go to the bathroom. Shihpoos are very smart, but still, they might take from a day to a week or more to grasp housebreaking.

With the right training technique, they will typically get this immediately. Patience is the key. Never be harsh or angry if they have a potty accident. Instead, use food or treat to reward them if they show compliance.


The round brown eyes and teddy bear shape of Shihpoo dogs are the main reasons most families prefer this breed over others. Being a responsible pet owner, you must know as much as possible about your new, furry family member.

This crossbreed has diverse behaviors and traits, so invest your time to understand the personality of the one you have.

When your Shihpoo gets comfortable with the new surroundings, start training sessions to have a well-behaved and loyal best friend.

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Related Questions

Are Shihpoos easy to train?

Shihpoos are generally intelligent and bright. As such, and with proper training techniques and rewards, they can quickly and easily learn proper potty expectations as well as important commands and even tricks.

How long can Shihpoo puppies be left alone?

Shihpoo puppies should not be left alone for any length of time when first introduced into your home. Doing so can create separation anxiety. Gradually training them to expect longer periods alone can help. Still, they should have human interaction at least every four hours during the day. Never leave a Shihpoo crated for more than four hours.

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