The Ultimate Guide to Accessorizing Your Shihpoo

One argument asserts that Shihpoos are already so cute that they need no additional help from accessories. Another argument accepts that Shihpoos are already adorable but asks, “why limit fun and beauty?” How can you accessorize your Shihpoo and your Shihpoo life? Shihpoo families have various options for accessorizing both their dog and their own…

One argument asserts that Shihpoos are already so cute that they need no additional help from accessories. Another argument accepts that Shihpoos are already adorable but asks, “why limit fun and beauty?”

How can you accessorize your Shihpoo and your Shihpoo life?

Shihpoo families have various options for accessorizing both their dog and their own lifestyle, from shirts, sweaters, and boots for the puppy to clothing, home decor, and automotive accessories for the families, many of which can be personalized.

After reading about the various accessories av ailable for you and your Shipoo, please complete the Accessories Survey at the bottom to compare your preferences to those of other Shihpoo Mamas, Papas, and Sibs.

Accessories for Your Shihpoo

Obviously, Shihpoo puppies do not need accessories to be happy and loving. They already are both of these by nature. Most accessories serve the purposes of keeping your Shihpoo safe and comfortable or of pleasing the Shihpoo family (immediate and extended) by reminding them of their beloved puppy or by sharing mementos of their puppy’s love with others.

There are a few types of accessories that serve the purpose of protecting the Shihpoo’s health and safety. None of these accessories are usually required inside the home but provide protection outdoors.

Shihpoo Outdoor Safety Accessories

While Shihpoos are generally a healthy and sturdy mixed breed, they are still dogs and still small, both of which can subject them to dangers when outside. The following accessories should not be considered optional in most cases, although their size, colors, and shapes obviously are.

Tags. Although your Shihpoo is likely your lap buddy and spends 99.5% of his or her day indoors, you should absolutely have an identity tag on your dog anytime he or she goes out the front. Never let your puppy wander off-leash without tags. The saddest truth about any dog is that they never wander or run off… until they do.
All Shihpoo families – and families of any dog, for that matter – should read the 2019 book, Where the Lost Dogs Go, by Susannah Charleson. You love your Shihpoo with all your heart and would never want to lose him or her. Tags are your number one resource for recovering your puppy should he or she ever run away.

Dog tags save lives
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  • Personalizing your Shihpoos tags is the fun part. Of course, you need a tag that has enough room for your puppy’s name, your phone number, and your address, but choosing the shape and color will involve your creative side. You can opt for the traditional dog bone-shaped tag, a heart or a paw-shaped version, but where is the fun in that? You can personalize your puppy’s tag in color, shape, material, brands (e.g. NFL or NHL teams, musicians, etc.), or even social causes (e.g. peace sign).
    What does your Shihpoo’s personality dictate should hang from his or her neck? Think of the tag as the pendant your or a family member might wear down your front.
  • Collars. To choose the right collar for your Shihpoo, you will again need to consider color, material, and personality match. You can even find collars to personalize with your Shihpoo’s name, your phone, and your address. When it comes to collars, though, be aware that Shihpoos tend to inherit from both of their parents a trachea (windpipe) that can be easily choked by a tight collar, especially when on a leash. Use a harness, instead, for your Shihpoo.

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  • Harness. Look for a harness that is both comfortable (not too tight on your Shihpoo’s windpipe) and safe (will not slip off your puppy). This usually means a harness that has a stretchy front around the Shihpoo’s throat and has a strap under his or her chest with a leash ring above the shoulders. If you walk your puppy in the dark, you might also consider a harness with its own light like this one from Vizbrite.
    More harnesses express little more than practicality. They may come in a variety of colors, a few different fabrics, and a couple of different designs, but you will need to do some research to find a harness that expresses personality or that makes a statement.
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  • Microchip. This should not be an accessory but a requirement for all puppies. Whether you buy your Shihpoo from a breeder or from a shelter, ask them about a microchipping service. Most will either get you a discount on the microchip or will charge about the same as a veterinarian’s office will.
    Any Shihpoo family who has had their puppy slip out the front door or off a leash accidentally (most families) will tell you how scary the situation is for both the family and the dog. A loosed dog’s natural instincts to run may kick in immediately and override his or her love for the family that cares for him or her. Even an obedient dog may, in the open air and without a leash, be spooked or otherwise enticed to run.
  • Paw Protectors. These accessories are not often necessary. Most Shihpoos can go for walks and jogs just fine without paw protectors. However, when your puppy has a paw injury or is recovering from paw surgery, your vet may even prescribe paw protectors.
    More generally, you should consider having some paw protectors for your puppy during the winter months if you or your neighbors throw down de-icer crystals on the driveways or sidewalks where your Shihpoo walks or jogs with you. Click here for information on a good option.
  • Sweaters. Like paw protectors, sweaters may be more for looks than a necessary accessory. Due to their core cuteness, Shihpoos sport sweaters with flair and panache. Obviously, in warm weather, sweaters may overheat your puppy, so be careful about making it a habit.
    Even in snow and modest cold, sweaters may be unnecessary if you are allowing your Shihpoo to have long hair. Indoor sweaters are also usually unnecessary.
    However, if your Shihpoo has a puppy cut or even shorter, you should dress him or her up in a sweater before any outside excursion when the temperature drops, especially for more than a few minutes of business time.

Shihpoo Accessories for Fun

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  • T-Shirts. Unlike sweaters, t-shirts won’t do much for keeping your puppy warm in the winter months. Nor are they unlikely to lead to your Shihpoo overheating in most summer weather, though common sense will help make that decision.
    You can choose, of course, from shirts you can find at local pet stores, department stores, or at online sites. Many an adorable Shihpoo has won the hearts of strangers with cute or branded t-shirts.
    To find an organization to customize your Shihpoo’s t-shirt, simply do a browser search for “customize t-shirt for Shihpoos” or just “customize t-shirt for puppies.” Before placing such an order, take into consideration the size of the space for personalized printing. Most Shihpoo dogs weigh less than ten or eleven pounds, so the “printable area” on the t-shirt will likely be very small.
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  • Socks, Boots, Shoes. Unless there is an injury or other trauma on your Shihpoo’s paws, most boots, shoes, and socks are unnecessary and might even harm your puppy’s feet. Of course, there are times when they can be helpful. Non-skid, traction control socks, boots, and shoes can be very helpful for Shihpoos struggling on tile or hardwood floors. Senior and frail Shihpoos can particularly benefit. Find a link on our Clothing page here.
  • Costumes. So many options, and now, so many opportunities! Costumes used to be reserved only for Halloween. Now, Shihpoo families have full license to dress their furry ball of cuteness in a costume 365 days of the year. Still, here are some of the most popular holidays for dressing up your Shihpoo: Presidents Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.
    Additionally, many Shihpoo families, Mamas, and Papas love dressing up their furend for occasions such as the Superbowl, NBA playoffs, the Stanley Cup, CFA Championship Bowl, March Madness, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, prom, and even (gasp) funerals.
  • Bows and Ties. Just as parents love adding hair bows to their girl’s hair (even before she has hair as an infant), Shihpoo families have options to put bows in their girl puppy’s hair. Such a technique can soften a dog’s harsh personality (which is a rarity among Shihpoo), making the dog appear more approachable while putting human strangers more at ease with the new puppy.
    For the boys, you can find just about any type of time you can think of. The traditional ties – bow ties, Kentucky colonel ties, crossover ties, and standard Windsor ties – can be found in most department stores, plus the fact there are even more types of ties you can special order online if you don’t find what you are looking for the first time.
  • Bandanas and Scarves. One of the most popular accessories for people and puppies alike, scarves are extraordinarily versatile. Pick up a scarf at the pet store, online, or even from your own drawers. You can find scarves with your favorite team or business logos on them, scenes from your favorite, and fun and unique patterns. You can easily have a family photo transferred to a scarf for a more personalized experience.

Accessories for Mamas and Papas

If you enjoy accessorizing your Shihpoo, you will have a ball finding and choosing accessories for you, your family, your home and your car or truck.

  • Bracelets. While you can buy a bracelet with Shihpoo photos on the beads or the name “Shihpoo” on the band, you can easily make a bracelet of your own with your own Shihpoo’s name on it. Otherwise, as with anything related to crafts, you will likely find someone willing to do this for you on
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  • Flip-flops and Slippers. Perhaps not as comfy as slippers, flip-flops definitely portray an air of casual pleasure. Even if you could find customizable flip-flops to which you could add your Shihpoo’s photo, you would likely feel disrespectful “stepping” on him or her. So, find some flip-flops with a photo or painting of some unknown Shihpoo on them so you can still cuddle up with Shihpoo cuteness without feeling back for stepping on him or her.
    Slippers with a Shihpoo image on them will keep your feet warm and fuzzy, but you may have a difficult time finding somewhere to personalize your own pair. If you do find such a place, please share it in the comments below.
  • Rings. Like rings commemorating love for a partner or a child, rings for your Shihpoo might include an engraving of his or her name or include his or her birthstone. You can have this done at any local jewelry store, or you can find jewelers online or through Etsy.
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  • Mugs. Waking up with a loving partner or next to a sleeping child is a pretty darn good way to start your day. Another great way to wake up could involve a cuddly, loving, and soft Shihpoo at your side or at your feet. For a large percentage of the population, next comes a steaming cup o’ Joe. If that mug also comes with a photo of your favorite puppy, even better!
  • Necklace. Like a special ring, necklaces can be personalized with engravings or special stones. What a ring cannot offer is a photo locket in which you can keep your Shihpoo even closer to your heart.
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  • Notebooks. If you go old school and keep your calendar and journaling in a paper notebook, you might as well find one that has a picture of your favorite puppy on the front.
  • Phone Cases. If you have exchanged old school for new school and depend on your smartphone for everything, you can still find a way to keep your Shihpoo at hand even when you are at work. You can even find someone on Zazzle who will add your favorite Shihpoo photo to the back of an Otterbox protective cover, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or Google phone. Find more information on our Accessories page under Clothing.
  • Tote Bags. One of the easiest accessories to personalize is a tote bag. Wherever you find your bag, you should have no trouble finding someone to add your Shihpoo’s photo and name. Like other crafts, Etsy is a good starting place. If you add a photo to your tote, please consider adding the name, “Shihpoo” as well in order to spread the word (literally) about these amazingly sweet and adorable puppies.
  • T-Shirts. Not only can you easily find generic t-shirts with photos of adorable Shihpoos on them, but you can also easily find a source to personalize your own t-shirt with a photo of your fur baby. You might even consider adding his or her name and birthday with the term, “Shihpoo” underneath. Feel free to use our tagline: “Funny Name – Adorable Puppy” anywhere you like.

For the Home

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  • Artwork. While a portrait or photo of your Shihpoo buddy is likely the best decoration you can think of for your wall, there are several pieces of art that use a Shihpoo for their subject. If you find one that captures the colorful personality of your furry little friend, it might just make the perfect wall hanging in your front room or in your master bedroom.
    If you or a loved one have experience using programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you might even modify a photograph of your Shihpoo, turning it into a work of art itself.
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments. Among the most popular accessories for the home, Christmas Tree Ornaments with a photo of your own Shihpoo can’t help but make your heart feel good. For the most aesthetically pleasing ornament, use a photo that has a blank or solid background. Busy backgrounds can make it difficult to get a good view of your puppy.
    You can choose a bulb or an ornament of another shape, but make sure you use a color that both matches the photo’s background and, ideally, has special meaning to you. For example, you could choose an ornament that is the color of your Shihpoo’s birthstone.
  • Doormats. While adding a mat with a Shihpoo face on it to your front porch for visitors to wipe their feet on might seem like an odd way to show your love for your puppy, think about it another way. Like “welcome” mats that invite visitors to feel at ease in your home, a Shihpoo doormat will begin helping your guests enjoy their visit before they ever set foot in your house.
    Additionally, you can find foam floormats for indoor use that might provide cushioning for your legs and feet in the kitchen or elsewhere if you have a tile floor or hardwood flooring. Such mats with a Shihpoo photo on them will make you doubly appreciative of your puppy.
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  • Duvet Covers. Besides having your Shihpoo sleep with you in your bed, you also have the opportunity to sleep under covers that have their own adorable Shihpoo prints. Apparently, at, you can find such covers or order a customized product using your own photo. The duvet will keep you warm, but the Shihpoo will keep you cozy.
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  • Pillowcases: If you ever think about getting a Shihpoo duvet cover, it will only make sense to get a Shihpoo pillowcase to go with it. Of course, if you choose to skip the duvet cover, you might still go straight for the Shihpoo pillowcase. Like the tote bag and t-shirts, a pillowcase is easily printed. Find a business online or locally that does custom printing on pillowcases. You can either add a photo of your own Shihpoo or, like the same included here, use some fun and insightful description of your relationship with your puppy.
    Word of Warning: If you choose to have a photo printed on your pillow, expect to lose more than a little comfort and sleep at night. The ink will not allow your facial skill and your head to “breath,” meaning you will sweat more at night. For that reason, you might consider using your personalized pillowcase on a decorative pillow instead of on the pillow you sleep with at night.
  • Portraits. Whether you use a casual photo or a formal portrait, having a family photo – that includes your Shihpoo – on the wall will bring a smile to your face for years to come. Portraits of your pooch can be especially comforting in the years after your puppy passes away. If you can remember to take a portrait of your Shihpoo each year, you will love looking back through the years as your puppy grows.
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  • Shower Curtains. This is a fun one. It is hard to imagine anything more enjoyable during the morning routine than getting a much-larger-than-life look at your Shihpoo. You probably won’t want to get out any time soon.

For the Vehicle

  • Bumper Stickers. There is a reason this is a classic. You can say just about anything and you will have a large audience to get your message to. Shihpoo families (Mamas and Papas) tend to adore their puppies, so they often take advantage of opportunities to share the love. Of course, you can start with the standard sticker that simply says, “I (heart) my Shihpoo.”
    Or, you can try the one that says, “If it’s not a Shihpoo, it’s just a dog,” or one of the dozens more available. See CafePress for one set of options.
  • License Plate Frames. This simple option lets you brag about your Shihpoo without being too over-the-top or overt with the subject. Most pre-printed frames simply say, “I [heart] my Shihpoo,” although some might be as sassy as, “My Shihpoo is smarter than your honor student.” Still, other frames allow you to print what you choose. As mentioned above, you can always use Shihpoo Central’s tagline, “Shihpoo: Funny Name – Adorable Puppy”
  • Window Decals. With no difficulty, you can find the common Shihpoo window decals such as “Shihpoo on Board” or “I brake for Shihpoos.” If you do an Internet browser for “personalized window decal,” you will find several affordable options that allow you to order a decal with whatever you choose to add, from text to artwork.

Some people believe that those who accessorize their dogs are starving for social interaction and attention. Finding the right accessories for your Shihpoo may just as easily be about keeping your puppy safe while also expressing your love for your Shihpoo.

Which accessories mentioned above have you tried? Which accessories sound most interesting to you? Please complete the following survey about accessories you have tried or would like to try with your Shihpoo.

Accessories Survey

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What is a good gift you can give a Shihpoo family? Shihpoo families adore their dog, so anything you can personalize with the Shihpoo’s name or photo will thrill the Shihpoo Mama, Papa and/or children. T-shirts, coffee mugs, and Christmas tree ornaments are the most common gifts.

How much is a Shihpoo worth? The monetary value of a Shihpoo has no limits for its family and those who love and care for the Shihpoo. The price to purchase a Shihpoo varies from two hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars, depending upon the dog’s age, gender, coat collar, and breeder.

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