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66 Fun Girl Names for your Shihpoo

When coming up with a name, you might consider relating it somehow to the dog, either a story, a characteristic, or to his or her appearance. Doing so gives you a story to tell for the rest of his or her life, especially when meeting new friends.

Giving your Shihpoo a second or middle name will offer you an even greater opportunity for creativity. Whether you combine a couple of the names below or expand upon them, enjoy the process.

Female Shihpoo Names

Shihpoo Mamas, Shihpoo Papas, and Shihpoo families tend to seek inspiration for girl Shihpoo names from different sources than they do for names for their boy Shihpoos. Girl Shihpoo puppies more often have names based on their physical appearance, although, as you can see below, irony and pop culture can offer some wonderful ideas.


1. Darling: A traditional name for good reason, Darling can easily describe both your Shihpoo’s appearance and personality. If you like Disney movies, Darling may be a great name for your puppy, since Wendy’s family name in Peter Pan is Darling, while the wife’s nickname in Lady and the Tramp is also Darling.

2. Fluffy: As a mix between a poodle and a Shih Tzu, your Shihpoo is highly likely to have a fluffy coat, regardless of the color. Puppies with curly coats are more likely to be fluffy than those with straighter hair.

3. Linda: While Linda sounds like a traditional human name, it means, of course, “Beautiful.” It’s hard to argue with such an appropriately descriptive name.

4. Smooches: While Shihpoos are not the only loving and affectionate dog breed, they certainly fit the bill. Puppy kisses are hard to resist, and if your Shihpoo wants to give them constantly, Smooches or Smoochie could be the perfect name for your girl.


5. Chica: Spanish for “a small girl,” Chica can be a cute and fun name at the same time.

6. Chiquita: Spanish for “a tiny girl,” Chiquita may also conjure images of bananas, adding smiles to your calls for her to come a running.

7. Cupcake: Not only is your Shihpoo a cutie pie, but at her size and with a little frosting, she’s sweet enough to eat.

8. Itsy: If you expect your Shihpoo girl to be extra small (under seven or eight pounds), Itsy might be a great name to consider. You can add the middle name of Bitsy or even Elizabeth (i.e. Betsy) to complete the description. Of course, at Halloween, you would have to dress Itsy Betsy as Spidergirl.

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9. Peewee: If you can disassociate this name from the Paul Rubens goofy TV personality of Pee-wee Herman, Peewee can be a sweet and applicable pet name for most Shihpoo girls.

10. Tinkerbell: What is sweet, sassy, can fly past at a blur, and would give her life for you? Your baby Shihpoo girl, of course.


11. Blanche: If you are welcoming a white Shihpoo girl into your home, the name Blanche would be more than appropriate. French for “White,” Blanche was one of the most popular human names from the late nineteenth till the mid-twentieth century. If you don’t like the American pronunciation, try the French. Like “Blonde” but replace the “d” sound at the end with the “sh” sound.

12. Blondie: Speaking of blonde, is your new Shihpoo sandy or sable in color. the name Blondie carries plenty of coolness, from the popular cartoon that debuted in 1930 to the ever-cool Blondie punk music group. How fun would it be to break into singing “Rapture,” “Call Me” or even “The Tide Is High” when horsing around with your puppy?!

13. Buttercup: Whether a cream-color or golden, you might consider naming your Shihpoo Buttercup after the flower of a brilliant yellow color. However, the name will forever be linked to the kidnapped princess from the Princess Bride.

14. Chantilly: An exquisite lace involving white on gray or even shades of black, Chantilly can be a beautiful name for Shihpoo girls of similar shades. For puppies with white coats, you could even shorten the name to Lilly for another perfect fit.

15. Cinnamon: If your puppy has a white-based coat with patches of browns and blacks, or if she has a brindle coat, Cinnamon is a beautiful name for a spicy girl.

16. Cocoa (Puff): Chocolate was the third most common color for Shihpoo puppies in our 2019 national Shihpoo puppy price survey. If you have or would like a brown Shihpoo, Cocoa could be a good choice for her name. Coco is another spelling and could pair with Chanel if you would like to add a fashion flair. Otherwise, for a humorous name, you could give your girl Cocoa Puff.

17. Frostie: For your all-white Shihpoo, Frostie is a sweet and nostalgic name. Although the cartoon from your childhood featured a male Frosty, naming your girl Frostie with an -ie will make her even more adorable.

18. Godiva: Like Cocoa above, Godiva is a perfectly sweet name for a little brown Shihpoo. For creativity, you can name your cream-colored Shihpoo Godiva for its delicious white chocolates.

19. Goldilocks: While obvious, your Shihpoo’s tie to the Goldilocks through the baby bear adds a wonderful dimension to this story. In spite of your puppy’s diminutive size, you may find the name Goldilocks fits “just right.”

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20. Honey: As the fourth most common color of puppies in our survey of Shihpoo breeders in 2019, gold can make a perfect color coat for a Shihpoo named Honey. Whether her coat is light or dark gold, she will be Grade A with the name Honey.

21. Nutmeg: A few variations of brown, maybe a few dark reddish tints, and you’ve got Nutmeg on your hand (or in your arms and in your heart). She will be the spice of your life.

22. Peanut Brittle: With the name Peanut Brittle for your puppy, your options for nicknames are many, from plain ol’ Peanut to Brit, to PB and even Nutter. Regardless, your Shihpoo is bound to be sweet and will stick to your heart.

23. Peanut Butter: Like Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter perfectly fits a gold or light brown Shihpoo, though perhaps with fewer appropriate nickname options. Your puppy will most certainly come in the smooth variety, and not the chunky kind.

24. Pepper: In ancient times, the nobility considered pepper more valuable than gold. One look at your beautiful black or gray Shihpoo girl and you’ll undoubtedly feel the same. One thing will be for sure, your Pepper will be the spice of your life.

25. Pudding: With so many varieties to choose from, Pudding can be the perfect name. Do you like chocolate pudding, vanilla, banana or even butterscotch? Pudding matches any of those colors and more, including being sugary sweet. She might even sit up for you, with the right training. Refrigeration not recommended.

26. Sable: Although the animal named sable can range in color from tan to orange-red to brown and even black, the color sable is generally a dark shade of brown. If, however, you like the name and your Shihpoo is tan or blond, you should know that in Spanish, sable means “sand.”

27. Sahara: Any Shihpoo of sandy or light brown color will fit the name, Sahara. Be prepared for the name to be confused with Sarah at some point, which carries its own strength as a traditional girl’s name. As the largest desert in the world, the Sahara inspires awe and respect. As one of the smallest puppies in your neighborhood, your Shihpoo will inspire no less awe and respect for her beauty and personality.

28. Sandy: Whether sand brings to mind river and lake beaches, volleyball courts, bonfires by the ocean, or just a fun place for kiddos to play, the name Sandy for your Shihpoo girl will certainly bring to mind fun, adorable, and positive memories for all who meet her.

25. Snickerdoodle: Oh, come on! If your Shihpoo looks like she could be sprinkled with cinnamon, you have got to consider this name. “What kind of dog do you have?” “She’s a mix. Part poodle. Part giggles. She’s a Snickerdoodle.”

29. Snowflake: If your white Shihpoo was born in the winter, Snowflake could describe both her coat and the season of her birth. Please, each snowflake is teeny tiny and comes in its own unique shape. Your Shihpoo up close will be just as beautiful and inspire as much awe as snowflakes do under the microscope.

30. Taffy: Taffy candy comes in just about any color you can think of. It comes in solid colors as well as multi-color combinations. From vanilla to frosty rootbeer, from whipped chocolate to campfire s’mores, or from coffee and latte to creamy caramel and tropical coconut, there’s a flavor to match any Shihpoo girl with whites, golds, blondes, browns or even blacks in her coat. Like the candy, your puppy will be sweet and can be salty if she decides to pout for you. But, oh, how adorable!

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31. Toffee: Generally tan with chocolate and nut toppings, toffee can match your Shihpoo puppy if she comes with browns, blondes, and other neutral colors. And while sweet toffee will stick to your teeth and may even pull your fillings out if you are not careful, your Toffee Shihpoo girl will only stick by your side, making your life as sweet as candy.


32. Bubbles: If your Shihpoo Is overflowing with personality and is excited to meet and charm everyone’s she passes on the sidewalk, she won’t have to work hard to earn the name, Bubbles. Shihpoos are fun-loving in general, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix not ideal for this name.

33. Charisma: Talk about stating the obvious! Shihpoos are born knowing how to work a room to their advantage. That’s called Charisma, and your puppy is loaded with it. You may as well call a shovel a shovel, right?

34. Cricket: While Shihpoos may seem as small as crickets, your puppy may or may not have the voice of a grasshopper. Some Shihpoos bark at any front door movement. Others, admittedly few, have to be trained to bark. If you have a quiet Shihpoo or one with a squeaky voice, Cricket can be a cute and appropriate name.

35. Hope: You can see hope in the eyes of every Shihpoo puppy: hope that you will pick her up; hope that you will play with her; hope that you will cuddle her; hope that you will share a treat with her; hope that you will be her one and only human.

Then again, the name Hope may have just as much to do with your state of mind as the personality of your Shihpoo. If the thought of hanging out with your adorable little girlfuriend melts your own heart, then Hope is again a perfect name for her.

Finally, Hope is a very applicable name for any rescue puppy. For a Star Wars twist, you might even consider using Hope as the middle name and add New as the first name. You can probably leave out “Episode IV.”

36. Joy: Some names can seem too obvious to use while others seem sublimely right for the dog. Joy is among the latter group. If your Shihpoo both personifies joy and spreads it to everyone she meets, what more proof do you need? She is joy, so you may as well call her Joy.

37. Rogue: Thi is a fun name for a Shihpoo. If you notice a mischievous bent in your puppy, have fun with it. Does she get into trouble by repeatedly pulling a tennis shoe out of your closet? Does she seem to excel at making you laugh by her goofy but irascible antics? She may be screaming for the appellation, Rogue.

For Star Wars fans, the middle name One may be obvious to you but many none Star Wars junkies may not even “get it” since Rogue One is not among the most well-known of the movies (though it’s my personal favorite).

38. Snuffles: One of our puppies sneezes constantly if he gets something on or around his nose (usually when carrying a toy in his mouth). If you notice your baby girl does the same, Snuffles might be a good option for her name.

If you want to use Snuffles as the shortened, more informal version of her official name (like Jo for Joanna or Jill for Jillian), you might consider the Sesame Street-inspired Ms. Snuffleupagus… if you can fit it on her dog tag.

39. Sparkles: Some Shihpoos shine in a crowd, as if they were meant to emcee every gathering, cater to every available belly-rubbing hand, and entertain even the grumpiest of visitors. If this sounds like your puppy, and if you can imagine her in a sequinned dress, she sounds like a Sparkles.

40. Sunshine: Spreading warmth to the hearts of everyone she touches, your Shihpoo is like a little but powerful ray of Sunshine. Since she already brightens your day, before or after dawn, you may as well call her what she is: your Sunshine.

To add a slight Star Wars angle, give her the middle name Rey. It would be subtle, but any Star Wars fan who sees Rey spelled with an “e” will appreciate your celebration of the movie.

Pop Culture

41. Buffy: The name Buffy has several angles to it. First, the color buff is a yellowish, sandy off white, so it can be appropriate for cream-colored or gold Shihpoos.

If your puppy disregards her diminutive size and is willing to take on larger adversaries who dare try to take her favorite toy, then she may be a Buffy, like the teenager who takes on blood-sucking monsters in the movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What do you think? Is your puppy up for such a mission?

42. Gaga: You have a gorgeous little Lady that can flash you a smile or give you a Poker Face. You are not sure how, but the Paparazzi hasn’t found your little star on her daily walks, but you’re sure that one look from those fun and playful eyes would make anyone want to Just Dance.

Combining this name with the traditional Lady (from Disney’s movie with the Tramp) would give you the flexibility to present your puppy as a pop star or a movie star. Either way, she can easily give you a Million Reasons to love her.

Courtesy of Candy Santos

43. Gamora: Your little girl does not have to be green to fit this name. Gamora was strong and smart but also appreciated opportunities to learn from new experiences, guided by her inner moral compass. If your puppy exhibits her own inner north star to help her make good decisions even without your training, your little Marvel of a Shihpoo could be the world’s next intergalactic hero.

44. Hermione: Extremely intelligent, particular in her choice of friends, but unwaveringly loyal, this ingenious heroine of Harry Potter novels and movies can have much in common with your Shihpoo girl. If your puppy seems to appear as if by magic when you pull out the treat bag, seems to steal hearts with the wave of her wand (or the blink of those beautiful eyes), or magically transforms from sweet to sassy in an instant, you should consider giving her the name Hermione.

45. Katnis: Quiet but bold, compassionate and fair, the furry little protagonist of your daily life may be casting arrows at your heart, sure to hit the target, much like her namesake in the Hunger Games movies.

You could easily argue to have this name placed under the Ironic category, given that the most likely nickname for your Shihpoo dog would be Kat. However you choose to call her, she’s sure to be a blockbuster in your home and beyond.

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46. Leia: If you have a white Shihpoo, especially one with black patches on her face or even black ears, and if she knows she’s a princess and is not slow to action, your puppy will fit the name, Leia, perfectly. Whether you name her “Princess Leia” or “Leia Organa,” you can still rock your Shihpoo universe.

47. Mia: One of the more popular names for Shihpoos puppies in 2019, Mia can find inspiration in several potential origins. The Abba-inspired hit musical, Mamma Mia, can be a fun and popular reason to celebrate your puppy’s name, especially when she is so willing to “lay all her love on you.”

The Spanish or Italian languages might also inspire you to name your Shihpoo Mia. After all, in both languages, the name literally means “mine,” as in “my,” and that is certainly what your puppy will be once you snuggle up together.

Finally, Mia is also short for Maria or Myriam. So, if you prefer a bit more formal and traditional or even Biblical name, choose one of these two while calling her Mia for short.

48. Petunia: Although also inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies, this name can carry contrasting meanings. As a flower, Petunias are strikingly beautiful and usually pink, red, purple or white in color. You are unlikely to have a purple or pink Shihpoo (check the roots if you do), but a white, red or even black puppy might match the flower’s natural colors.

If you thank of Aunt Petunia and her penchant for image consciousness but also, most relevant to your dog, quite nosy and curious. If your puppy can’t seem to keep her nose out of anybody else’s businesses, she might fit well with the name Petunia or, more fully, Aunt Petunia.

49. Rey: If your puppy has a white coat with some dark markings on her face or head, Rey (from Star Wars movies 7-9) can be a great fit visually. Besides, the character Rey is athletic, strong in the force, and drawn to trouble. Sound like someone you know? No need for a middle name here. Rey with an “e” has no family name either (spoiler alert), at least not one any self-respecting Star Wars fan would care to claim, thank you very much, Emperor.

50. Winnie the Shihpoo: While bordering on the obvious, this is an adorable name. First of all, the name Winnie is cute as a button to begin with, not least of all because of the positive associations you likely have from the old Wonder Years, whose young protagonist had a girlfriend named, Winnie.

Your Shihpoo need not be gold to sport this name. After all, the original owner was a boycub, so times (and color associations) can change. Naming your puppy Winnie the Shihpoo would answer the age-old question of where the “Pooh” name comes from.


51. Austen or Austin: If you have a preference for old-time romantic movies or the Hallmark channel, chances are you like a story or two by the author, Jane Austen. Naming your puppy Austen seems like a nice tribute to the author of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility, all of which center independent and bright female characters pushing the limitations of the social class into which they were born.

Speaking of independent and bright, your Shihpoo puppy is looking for the perfect name and you may just have found it. You may even consider giving her the full name, “Jane Austen,” in case you need to use it when your puppy gets into trouble.

If you like all things southern, including good music, Austin with an “i” may work even better. The capital of Texas is known for much more than Longhorn cattle, particularly the annual music, film and medial festival, South by Southwest (SXSW). Plus, if you like sappy country music, there’s also that 2001 song recorded by Blake Shelton called, “If this is Austin” you probably know by heart.

52. Brandy: Of course there is the distilled wine known as Brandy (dark amber-colored), but you might prefer naming your puppy after the Brandy in Looking Glass’s 1972 song by the same name. Repopularized by Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Brandy is a barkeep in a port town who remains loyal to the sailor she fell in love with, even after he chose the sea over her. Loyalty and understanding are two wonderful traits Shihpoos have in abundance.

53. Cleopatra: The last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra was not yet 40 years old when she died in 30 BC. Remembered mostly for her romances and her lavish lifestyle, Cleopatra could be a good name if your little Shihpoo is the princess of your home and heart, especially if you tend to (or plan to) pamper her with extravagance.

Nicknames for Cleopatra include Cleo and Patty (or Patti), no to mention Your Highness.

54. Frida: Although Shihpoos are the offspring of breeds associated with China, Tibet, and France, there is nothing to say you can’t give your girl the name of one of Mexico’s greatest artists of the twentieth century. Popular folk artist Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón lived in Mexico during the first half of the last century and became much more famous after her death than while alive. She was even portrayed in Pixar’s 2017 movie, Coco.

If you go with Frida, you might even consider using her entire name, though it will certainly not fit on your puppy’s dog tag. This option would also give you multiple nicknames to choose from, including Maggie, Carmen, and Kahlo.

55. Harper: The American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird, was written by Harper Lee and published in 1960. After penning one of the greatest books of our time, Ms. Lee regularly shunned the media, though she was no recluse.

The name Harper is purported to mean Harp Player, which doesn’t seem to fit a quadruped with short furry legs. But, if your little girl is the embodiment of intelligence and class but does not need to be the center of attention when guests come over, Harper seems like an ideal name.

56. Maya: Another surprisingly popular name form our 2019 Shihpoo Puppy Price Survey, the name Maya has a complex and fascinating backstory. In ancient sanskrit, the name means “illusion” but was adopted later by the Greeks who identified the mother of Hermes by Zeus by the same name.

Of course, the Maya culture flourished for thousands of years in Central America into the the late 17th century.

Finally, two well-known women named Maya have risen to popularity in the past few decades: Maya Angelou, the poet and civil rights activist (1928-2014) and Maya Rudolph, the comedian and actress known for her years as a cast member of Saturday Night Live and for her role in the 2011 film, Bridesmaids.

So, whether you see your Shihpoo girl’s beauty as illusory (doubtful), her cultural roots as enduring, or her potential as a poet or Hollywood actress, consider Maya as a potentially perfect name.

57. Mona Lisa: Perhaps the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa hangs in the halls of France’s Louvre museum. Most visitors are struck initially by how small the painting is in real life, especially compared to some of the monstrously large paintings in other halls and galleries.

Little is known about the model who sat for the portrait, but art critics acknowledge the masterful structure used by Leonardo da Vinci in the painting, resulting in eyes that grab your attention and a slightly mischievous smile that holds that attention.

Your Shihpoo girl is equally likely to grab the attention of visitors while holding their attention with her personality and incomparable style. Ironically, it will be the visitors who can’t help smiling at your girl. You may as well name her Mona Lisa.

58. Muse: Appropriate listed shortly below Maya with its connection to Greek mythology, Muse definitely fits many Shihpoo girls as a name. In Greek mythology, there were nine muses (all daughters of Zeus and a Tinaness), and their purpose was to bring inspiration, music, poetry, dance, history and even astronomy to humanity.

Your furry little friend undoubtedly creates inspiring thoughts, lyrical songs, and even dance steps in the hearts of those she meets. If you want to get specific, each of the nine muses has their own name and a type of art or knowledge of their own to inspire in humans. Each one of their names or call your girl Muse and leave it up to your visitors to decide how she inspires them.

59. P!nk: You don’t need to dye your Shihpoo’s coat any shade of fuchsia to give her the name P!nk. In her childhood, the girl would be take on the professional name, P!nk (Alecia Beth Moore), competed in gymnastics. Pay attention to your puppy and the athletic moves she is capable of. At bedtime, our oldest Shihpoo jumps and spins in circles because he is so excited to get in his crate.

A large part of P!nk’s popularity has involved her line of branded clothing. For a certain generation, having a P!nk hoodie or handbag seemed like a rite of passage. If you enjoy dressing up your Shihpoo, P!nk may just be the colorful name for your adorable, athletic, and talented little girl.

60. Sally Ride: America’s first female astronaut to go into space (1983), Sally Ride was also the only person to be on the investigative committees for both the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters. She was also a physics professor and researcher.

If you see your Shihpoo as adventurous and curious, a puppy who can’t leave a mystery unsolved, or a girl who is unafraid of unknown frontiers, Sally Ride would be a perfect name to give her. You could call her Sally, Sal, or even Rider.

61. Sissy: Besides its obvious reference to being a sister and its additional reference to being cowardly or a crybaby, Sissy could also bring to mind the Academy award-winning actress and country singer, Sissy Spacek, from Carrie and Coal Miner’s Daughter fame.

Sissy could be an appropriate name for a Shihpoo girl for many reasons. If your Shihpoo has a sibling, she is a sister, so Sissy works. If your Shihpoo seems rather timid rather than adventuresome, Sissy might be an extreme descriptor but still cute. Finally, if your Shihpoo loves to put on a show for you and your guests or you get the feeling she is just a country girl at heart, Sissy is a great name for her.

62. Venus: To ancient Romans, Venus was the goddess of love, desire, fertility, prosperity, and even victory. When it comes to victory, it’s appropriate that tennis legend Venus Williams is so named, having been ranked number 1 in the world three different times. She is also recognized for helping to usher in an era of power into women’s tennis.

You might consider naming your girl Shihpoo Venus for any number of reasons. Most obvious is your love for her and the love and affection she showers on you. You might also name your puppy Venus if she is a strong and confident woman who just happens to be ranked number one in your heart.

Irony, Legend, and Mythology

63. Paris: The name Paris could easily have come under the Pop Culture category, but the irony of naming a tiny dog after the most famous owner of tiny dogs, Paris Hilton, can generate laughs and giggles throughout your girl’s many years. The additional connection between Paris, France and the French Poodle side of your Shihpoo make this name doubly apropos (yes, that’s French for appropriate).

64. Medusa: This is a wickedly fun name for a Shihpoo girl. The Greek goddess Medusa first brings to mind her head full of living, venomous snakes in place of hair, followed next by her ability to turn anyone to stone who looks into her eyes. Ironically, she was also portrayed as far back as the fifth century BC as being fair and beautiful in her facial features.

Your Shihpoo girl is so opposite of what Medusa represented that the name is hilariously ironic. Instead of living, venomous snakes, your furbaby girl is soft and oh-so-strokable. Instead of turning you into stone, your sweet puppy could melt a stony heart with her eyes. So, if you love irony, go ahead with the name Medusa. Just take care to keep her away from any dog name Perseus.

Courtesy of TeakieMarket

65. Nessie: The Loch Ness monster, known in Scotland as Nessie, is the legendary (albeit debunked) creature of 23-mile long lake known as Loch Ness in northern Scotland. Mysterious and known for its photographs in black and white, Nessie is beloved by people the world over and even has dolls to comfort children as they sleep.

Scots are proud of their independent natures, so if you have any Scot in you, you love, the story of Nessie, or your Shihpoo girl exhibits her own independent streak, but you still love cuddling up together for naps, Nessie could be the legendary so-not-a-monster name she deserves.

66. Xena: For anyone growing up in the 90s or watching 90s television, Xena Princess Warrior is no stranger. Played by Lucy Lawless, Xena was a fictional Greek goddess warrior known for her strength and her masterful use of the chakram weapon, not to mention her zany exploits.

Your Shihpoo could be a Greek goddess in her own right, though few might imagine her as a physically powerful and deadly warrior. Instead, if you can imagine your Shihpoo princess winning battles for hearts as she masterfully throws her endearing looks around the room, you might have a Xena on your hands. The name might seem ironic, but it also fits your puppy because of her own zany adventures around your home, even if your name’s not Gabrielle.