55 Fun Boy Names for Your Shihpoo

When coming up with a name, you might consider relating it somehow to the dog’s appearance, a personal story, a personality trait, or even to his behavior. Doing so gives you a story to tell for the rest of his life, especially when meeting new friends. Giving your Shihpoo a second or middle name will…

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When coming up with a name, you might consider relating it somehow to the dog’s appearance, a personal story, a personality trait, or even to his behavior. Doing so gives you a story to tell for the rest of his life, especially when meeting new friends.

Giving your Shihpoo a second or middle name will offer you an even greater opportunity for creativity. Whether you combine a couple of the names below or expand upon them, enjoy the process.

Male Shihpoo Names


1. Fernando / Furnando or Ferdinand / Furdinand: Not only does the spelling turn this old German name (meaning Courageous Journey or adventure) into a brilliant description for your Shihpoo, but it also brings to mind one of the most beloved children’s book characters ever: Ferdinand the Bull. Imagine your 8 lb Shihpoo with the same name as a 1,500-lb black bull who loves to smell flowers and gaze at sunsets.

Ferdinand is the Spanish version of Fernando. With either name, you could use nicknames like Furry or Nando or even Ferdy or Furny if you care for them.

If you a fan of 1980s Major League Baseball, you might even consider giving him a second name of Valenzuela, meaning you would have a few more nicknames to choose from, including Valley, Vali, and Zuela.

2. Fuzzy: Was Fuzzy a bear or a Shihpoo? What a perfect name for the teddy bear puppy.

3. Teddy: With their furry legs and paws, Shihpoos really do look like teddy bears on four legs. Some groomers can even make their faces, heads and ears look like real live teddy bears. Think of a teddy bear from your own childhood. Is your new Shihpoo similar in color? Teddy may be just the name you’re looking for.


4. Bug: Pick your favorite insect (doesn’t everybody have one?), from a beetle to a butterfly, bees to ladybugs, dragonflies to the mantis. You could even call him Bugs (with a not-so-subtle reference to Bugs Bunny and Bugsy Malone). Think about the possibilities of the name, “Dragonfly Bug.” How about the nickname, Dragon? Cool!

5. Chubby/Gordito: As a term of endearment, Chubby or its Spanish equivalent, Gordito, can be ironically sweet. Just don’t let your Shihpoo actually get chubby. Keep him healthy and active.

6. Hobbit: In Tolkien’s university, hobbits are short, have short legs, slightly pointed ears, and furry feet with leathery soles. Could you find a better description of a Shihpoo anywhere in great literature? Besides naming your puppy the Hobbit or just Hobbit, you could also add a given name of any of your favorite hobbits from Tolkien’s trilogy. There’s Bilbo and Frodo, of course, but you also have Samwise, Meriadoc (“Merry”), Peregrin (“Pippin”), or even Sméagol (Gollum).

7. Mr. Big/Biggie/Big Boy: This name seems so obviously ironic that it is too good to pass up. Sounding like a gangster, the Notorius Shihpoo Mr. Big will still inspire infinitely more joy and smiles than fear.

8. Smalls: Fitting of your Shihpoo’s diminutive size, Smalls can also tie into the classic baseball movie from 1993, The Sandlot. Scotty Smalls was the narrator of the story. Can you imagine how fun it would be to tell your Shihpoo, “You’re KILLING me, Smalls!”

9. Tiny: While our two Shihpoos topped out at 13 and 15 lbs, some Shihpoos do not make it to more than 6 or 7 lbs, which would truly be considered tiny. Regardless of your Shihpoo’s size, he or she will likely weigh in on the low end of the canine scale, making Tiny a fitting nickname.


10. Blizzard: We often associate blizzards not only with snowy storms but also with whiteout conditions that erase all other colors and landmarks. Blizzard is an obvious name for an all-white puppy, but even if he has some colored patches on his white-based coat, Blizzard may still end up being an appropriate name.

Your newborn Shihpoo’s coloring may change over his first year. Our oldest was born with a white base to his coat plus brown and black patches. By his first birthday, his brown and black had faded to a light caramel and a hint of gray, as if a blizzard had blown through and covered his previous coat colors.

11. Brownie: After black, brown and brindle are nearly tied for the second most common coat color from our 2019 Shihpoo puppy price survey, with about one in six or seven Shihpoos for sale being brown. Of course, any name having to do with chocolate will fit your puppy, from Cocoa to Mocha.

If you go with brownies (which I consider the dessert of the gods), here is a fun idea for a middle name: “alamode,” as in Brownie a la Mode. Another name of such desserts in some parts of the country is a Saddleback Brown. Additionally, you could name your puppy Brownie Fudge. If you called him by his middle name, it would also serve as an obscure to the Harry Potter franchise (prime minister Fudge).

Finally, you could name your Shihpoo Rocky Road Brownie. Your friends will think you named your puppy after the boxer, but his full name will put a smile on your face every time you think of it.

12. Bruno: Not surprisingly, this traditional German name comes from the Old German word for brown. Once associated with tough-as-nails personalities, you can now name your brown Shihpoo after any number of actors, musicians or athletes. Obviously, Bruno Mars is a great option for your Shihpoo boy if that’s what you like.

13. Chip: Whether your Shihpoo is solid brown or has dark brown patches, Chocolate Chip (“Chip” for short) would be a great all-American name. If your puppy is a bit on the lighter brown side, you might consider a slight modification to the name and call him Chips, after the tan uniforms Ponch and John wore in the hit 1977-1983 show CHiPs.

14. Hershey: Your chocolate-colored Shihpoo could be a great match for the name Hershey, whether he is white chocolate, semi-sweet or dark chocolate in color. As a middle name, you might choose Park after the theme park in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

15. Oreo: Brown or black with white in between makes a great Shihpoo coat for a puppy named Oreo, with or without milk. Your puppy need not be double or triple stuffed, or even minty fresh, but Oreos are sweet and addictive.

Plus, Oreo becomes an exotic name when you shorten it to the last part as Reo or, Rio. Then again, why not just name him O Rio?

Courtesy of HeavenyPuppy.com

16. Red: While a rather uncommon color among Shihpoos, red is still found in about one in 20 Shihpoo puppies for sale online. While you might see a red Shihpoo and think it is a color of brown, you can definitely see red highlights in many of these puppies.

There is really no way to contract the name Red any further, but perhaps expanding it can add to the affection you have for your Shihpoo. When it comes to dogs and the color red, it’s impossible to disassociate the two if you have ever seen the movie, Where the Red Fern Grows. Red Fern is a sentimental and nostalgic name if you like old movies.

17. Rusty: For the same dogs who might be called Red, you can try Rusty as well. Besides sharing similar colored coats, both names also inspired movies about dogs. For Rusty, you will have to go back in time even further for his shows. There were several movies released between 1945 and 1949 featuring a dog named Rusty and his beloved boy.

To go along with the name Rusty, you could add a tough-guy name like Nails or Blade, or you could include a funny name like Bucket or Scupper. Then again, one of the most famous Rustys of all time was Rusty Griswold of Lampoon’s Vacation fame.

18. Shadow: For a black or gray Shihpoo, you might consider the name Shadow. With two in every five Shihpoos being black, it could be a very common name.

For a middle name, although the breed reference is incorrect, you might try Shadow Boxer. For fun, Shadow Art brings up images of kids making hand shadows before bedtime. For a bit more fierceness if you’ve got a tough guy, consider Shadow Dragon.

19. Snowball: An obvious name for a white Shihpoo, Snowball makes a humorous, if a bit nasty, name for a gold or yellow puppy.

20. Yeller: Like the name Red, Yeller evokes strong emotions for anyone who has read the book or seen the movie by the same name (Old Yeller). Fortunately, you probably won’t have to worry about your Yeller fighting any rabid wolf.


21. Barkley: If you are a fan of 1980s and 1990s basketball or ESPN’s fun line up of basketball analysts, Charles Barkley has got to be on your list of possible names for your Shihpoo boy. Known for his direct and outspoken personality in addition to his strength and aggressiveness, Barkley was shorter than most pro basketball players at his position. This is just another reason why Barkley might be the perfect name for your puppy.

To add another layer of affection, add a title: Sir Charles Barkley. You can call him Sir Charles, Charles, Chuck, or simply Barkley.

22. Baron von Wigglebutt: We wish we had found this name early enough to make it our second Shihpoo’s official name. If your puppy wildly wiggles his big ol’ Poodle tail straight out behind him, requiring him to shake his whole body at the same time, this is an awesome name for him.

Our youngest son invented this name when the puppy was already nine months old. Since then, it has almost eclipsed his official name of Stark Antonio. If you want to give your Shihpoo a name that makes you laugh every time you call your puppy inside, call him Baron von Wigglebutt. Possible nicknames include Baron, Bear, Vaughn, Wiggles, Wigglebutt, or, as a throwback to 90s TV, even Butthead.

Courtesy of AllThingsDogs.com

23. Sparky: The personalities of many Shihpoos will match the name Sparky with more than a little flare. If your puppy has inherited the energy and playfulness of its Poodle parent, you might think about harvesting the static energy he creates as he zips by chasing after a ball or toy.

Although Snoopy is a beagle, you might also consider naming your white Shihpoo with black ears Sparky in honor of the cartoon’s creator, Charles M. Schultz, who was known to his family and friends as Sparky.

Pop Culture

24. Bailey: Popularized as the original name of the protagonist dog in the 2017 movie, A Dog’s Purpose, the name Bailey can pay tribute to the message of the movie (dogs are loving and loyal companions to their families). Your Shihpoo does not need to do jumping and catching tricks to deserve this name. He will most certainly be your loving and loyal companion no matter what you name him.

25. Boss Dog: Popularized as the nickname for the protagonist dog in the 2017 movie, A Dog’s Purpose, Boss Dog is a fun name for your Shihpoo if he likes doing tricks or playing ball. Like many Shihpoos given the run of the house, your puppy may become Boss of the house anyway, so you may as well name him accordingly.

26. Dumbledore: If your Patronus is a Shihpoo, you should call your puppy Dumbledore. For diehard fans of the Harry Potter books and movies, giving your Shihpoo the name of Hogwarts’ most famous headmaster can be magical. If you want to go all the way, name your puppy, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Plus, as quick and stealthy as Shihpoos can be, you may just wonder whether your puppy has mastered the ability to apparate anywhere in the house.

Finally, just consider a few of the possible nicknames. Besides any of his five names (Brian being, ironically, the most humorous), my favorite would be the way Madame Olympe Maxime, the headmistress of the Beauxbatons Academy, would pronounce Dumbledore: “Dumblydore.”

Courtesy of Amazon

27. Ewok: Probably the most accurate descriptive name you might give your Shihpoo, Ewok will also be among the top laugh-drawing names you might use for your puppy. This Star Wars-theme name is ideal for evoking the image of another short, furry, unbelievably cute, yet still fierce and intelligent creature.

Ewoks live on Endor, and a few of the Ewok names we know from Star Wars include Chirpa (chieftain), Logray (shaman), Teebo, Paploo, and, no joke, Nicki. Personally, I think Paploo sounds like a Shihpoo name, and he looks most like our Shihpoos. Which would you choose?

28. Gizmo: Released way back in 1984, the movie Gremlins introduced us to the adorable mogwai named Gizmo (and to the mischievous and dangerous Stripe). Gizmo turns out to be quite kind and displays a variety of emotions. He also is brave enough to save the day after Stripe and his gang demolish the town.

Courtesy of YouTube

Your Shihpoo might just be a Gizmo (not really disguised) since he is both cute and brave. And those eyes! They are just like Gizmos’!

29. Harrison: From Star Wars to Indiana Jones and, more recently, The Call of the Wild, Harrison Ford has been involved in some of the biggest blockbusters of the past 50 years. If your Shihpoo likes to go Solo and has an Indy-pendent personality, Harrison could be the right name for him. Of course, you could also go with the Beatles reference and name your puppy George Harrison.

30. Hendrix: If classic rock is your thing, Hendrix would be a great companion name. You could go with Jimi Hendrix or with his birth name of Johnny Allen Hendrix. Of course, every time you take Hendrix out for a walk and you pass a pretty puppy on the street, your Shihpoo will naturally turn to you and say, “Foxy Lady!”

31. Jagger: Our first Shihpoo had a 1967 Mick Jagger hairstyle when we brought him home. His body was white and he had dark patches on his head and neck that looked like a style Jagger would have sported back in the last 60s.

Whether you shorten the name to just Jags or call him by his full name of Michael Philip Jagger, cuddling and playing with your Shihpoo buddy is bound to offer plenty of Satisfaction.

32. Marley: Although the 2008 movie, Marley and Me, centers on the life and adventures of a yellow Labrador retriever who wreaks havoc on everything he touches, you might consider the name for your little guy if he is a bit more active than you would expect from a Shihpoo. Mischievous and playful but loving to the end, your Marley is most likely to be movie-worthy as well, though he will settle for being the star of your household show.

33. Maui: Disney’s Polynesian demigod from the movie Moana is big, strong, bulky, fully tattooed, a bit insecure in his place, on the self-centered side, but fully lovable. Your Shihpoo may not be big and bulky or tattooed, but he will be searching for his place in your home, even if he will quickly find a place in your heart.

It is helpful to know that “demi” is French for half, or partly, though it in turn came from Latin, of course. Your Shihpoo may think he is a demigod, but he is actually a demi-Poodle and demi-Shih Tzu. No question, though, he is all joy and all love.

34. Oliver: We have a neighbor with a puppy (part Poodle) named Ollie, short for Oliver. This name goes back nearly two centuries in popular culture to 1837 when Charles Dickens published his second novel and named it Oliver Twist.

Many movies, musicals, and adapted screenplays later, the plot has become the basis of recognizable stories everywhere. The orphaned boy with a heart of gold naively falls in with the wrong crowd before eventually finding out he is the heir to a fortune.

The name Oliver would be particularly appropriate if you rescued your Shihpoo. Regardless, yours if the fortunate home to welcome little Ollie into your lives and hearts. His sweet demeanor and loving heart will have you asking for more yourself.

35. Panda: It’s hard to believe that the movie, Kung Fu Panda, came out way back in 2008. The lovable and bumbling protagonist named Po, wonderfully voiced by actor Jack Black, inadvertently finds adventure and eventually saves his community and becomes a Kung Fu master. Paradoxically, the name Po means broken in Chinese.

Whether you name your Shihpoo Panda, Po or Po the Kungfu Panda, you will likely find he is ready for adventure himself. He may even surprise you with what appear to be some pretty amazing Kung Fu moves, although the Wuxi Finger Hold is unlikely to be among them.

36. Parker: With so many to choose from, there is bound to be a Spiderman movie you enjoy. I’m the past two decades alone there have been 8 movies with Spiderman as the title character, not to mention his appearance in Blockbusters like Avengers: Civil War. Do, if you love the show and awkward but brace and saying Peter Parker, bring him into your home by banking your Shihpoo after him.

Nickname options include Pete, Petey, Park, Parks, Parky, Spidey, and Webslinger. Talk about a great variety!

38. Pooh: The name Pooh (or Winnie the Pooh) fits any little golden Shihpoo perfectly. Put a red sweater on your puppy, and he will pass for the silly ‘ol stuffed bear, with or without a honey pot.

Your Shihpoo is one smart cookie. And even though Pooh under-rates his own smarts, he is among the deepest-thinking characters you will find in animated movies. Consider this quote:

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” That sounds like Shihpoo puppy love, doesn’t it?

39. Simba: Your Shihpoo puppy likely has a roar similar to that of the young Simba from the Lion King movies. Your Simba will like never cause a stampede, except for hugs and kisses.

You might consider adding a middle name, such as Mustafason. Or, perhaps, make Simba the middle name and give him the first name of either King or Prince. Either way, he will be royalty in your home court.

Courtesy of thes3agency.com

40. Snickers: For years, it was said that Snickers, the candy bar, really satisfied your hunger. More recently, Snickers has expanded the number and type of emotions and states of mind it helps to alleviate, from Grouchy and Whiny, to Feisty and Loopy, to name just a few.

Whether you give your puppy the middle number of Bar, Candy Bar, or even Satisfies, one this will be for sure. Your Shihpoo will satisfy your hunger for a loving and sweet puppy companion.

41. Stark: Whether you name your Shihpoo male puppy after Howard Stark or his son, Tony, from the Iron Man Marvel universe, you will see similarities between your puppy and the superhero. They both thrive on being the center of attention. They are all quite intelligent and continuously surprise you with new skills and personality angles. Plus, the name Stark means “strong” in German.

We named our second Shihpoo after Tony Stark. Instead of the American nickname of Tony for Anthony, we went with the Italianize and Spanish-ized version of the name, Stark Antonio. Nicknames can include Starky, Tone, Anton, and even Toño.

42. Toto: Although the first dog to appear in a major motion picture filmed in color was a female brindle Cairn terrier named Terry (later renamed Toto due to the popularity of her role in The Wizard of Oz), Toto was described in the original book as “a little black dog with long silky hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on either side of his funny, wee nose.” That might very well be the perfect description of your Shihpoo puppy.

Whether your Shihpoo is brindle or black, his size and his comforting companionship can easily merit him the name, Toto. Of course, you may even consider naming him Terry Toto in memory of one of the most famous dogs ever.

43. Yoda: Your boy Shihpoo puppy need not be green to be named, Yoda. The wisest and most powerful Jedi of his time, Yoda debuted in the 1980 Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, although he is portrayed in the prequel Phantom Menace as well. Besides his power and wisdom, Yoda is known for his long life and ironically for coming from an unknown planet.

Naming your Shihpoo Yoda may express more about your hopes for him than about the puppy himself. One thing is for certain, “Love him, you will.”

44. Zorro: The legendary defender of the Mexican people, Zorro wears all black. His name means “fox” in Spanish, referring to his sly and wily ability to evade authorities.

If your Shihpoo is black and attempts to evade his own authorities, he may be a Zorro in disguise. Hopefully, he doesn’t leave his mark on your furniture, though.

Irony, Legend, and Mythology

45. Chewbacca: While this name seems to belong to the Pop Culture category as a character from Star Wars, the contrast between Chewbacca’s size and strength and your Shihpoo’s stature earned this name a spot under Irony. However, under all the fur, Chewbacca is all sweetness and fun.

You might even give your puppy one of the formal names, such as Chewbacca of Kashyyyk or Chewbacca Attichitcukson. Nicknames would include, of course, Chewie, but also Fuzzball, Hairball, Furry Oaf, and Walking Carpet, all courtesy of Han Solo.

46. Chuck Norris: No list of ironic and legendary names for small, fun and gentle Shihpoo puppies would be complete without adding Chuck Norris to the mix. After all, outer space exists because it’s afraid to be on the same planet with Chuck Norris. Cannot the same be said of your ferocious Shihpoo?

If you go with the name Chuck Norris, you may be tempted to give him nicknames such as Chucky, Charles, Chuckster, Norris, Norry, or Nors. However, keep in mind that Chuck Norris being Chuck Norris, there ARE no acceptable nicknames.

47. Hades: Whether you are thinking of the bumbling antagonist from Disney’s Hercules or the scary god of the dead from classical Greek mythology, Hades is the perfectly ironic name of a small, lovable, and adorable Shihpoo puppy you are bringing into your home. Your Shihpoo may be black, brindle, or red for the best fit, but what does it matter if there is such a disconnect?

You may give your puppy an additional name like Hades Cronuson, Hades King of the Dead, Hades of Styx, or Hades Lord of the Underworld.

Nicknames might include names Hades is known by in other cultures, including Pluto, Aidoneus, Orcus, and Dis Pater.

48. Hercules: Son of the god, Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, Hercules was known not only for his strength but for his adventures. Thinking of the adventures you and your Shihpoo will have together, near and far, Hercules may be a very appropriate name.

Nicknames can include Herc, Hercle, and, surprisingly, even Ercole (Italian).

49. Hulk: One of the most popular Marvel superheroes, Hulk is the raw, powerful, and yet protective alter ego of scientist and gamma-ray expert Bruce Banner. In spite of his awesome power, most readers of comics and moviegoers find Hulk lovable, mostly charming and humorous.

Naming your Shihpoo Hulk could be the perfect intersection of irony and popularity. Your puppy will certainly be lovable, charming and humorous.

You may consider giving him additional names like Bruce the Hulk Banner, Hulk Smash, the Incredible Hulk, or Hulk the Avenger.

50. Killer: When many people hear the name, Killer, for a dog, they think of a Bulldog, a Rottweiler, or a German Shepherd. Can you imagine the looks you will get when you address a 10-lb furball with a penchant for loving on others as Killer?

Other names to pair with Killer might include Killer the Merciless, Attilla the Killer, or for fun, Killer Bee, Killer Rabbit or even Killer Looks.

51. Loki: At the beginning of this millennium, few had heard of the Nors god of mischief named Loki, unless, of course, you were a fan of the 1994 movie, The Mask, with Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

Spoiler Alert, although if you haven’t seen Avengers Infinity War, you either don’t care or you live under a rock, right? For our family of Avenger enthusiasts, the death of Loki in Infinity War was the toughest pill to swallow, knowing that all other main characters would somehow be returned to the screen. Loki’s death seemed too final, though.

Naming your Shihpoo Loki will draw attention to your puppy’s mischievous side. Even if your puppy does exhibit an impish streak (or tries to destroy New York and rule the world), it is still hard to stay angry with him.

Additional names to pair include Loki Odinson, Loki Laufeyson, or Loki of Jotunheim.

52. Sasquatch: The irony is too much to ignore but not too much to solicit a chuckle or two. Although Big Heart might be more precise than Big Foot, Sasquatch is still a fun name. Your Shihpoo may be quite like the Big Foot of Harry and the Hendersons: he can sometimes appear wild but he is loyal and loving to his family. In fact, Harry might just be a good nickname.

53. Sir Titus Whitus: The name of our first Shihpoo is Titus Rex. Within a matter of a few weeks, I was calling him Tighty. Later, we added the rhymed surname of Whitus. Finally, after we brought home Titus’ brother, Stark, and nicknamed him Baron von Wigglebutt, we added an honorific title, and we christened him Sir Titus Whitus.

Of course, having already called him Tighty for over a year, the next stage in his name’s development was my favorite, Sir Tighty Whitey.

54. Thor: God of Thunder may be more than a bit of an overkill for your Shihpoo puppy’s name, but with the royal experience of his Shih Tzu ancestors, your puppy will feel completely comfortable with sporting the name of a god. Your puppy will never seem as arrogant as Thor when he first descends to earth, but he will be a soft-hearted and as brave for his family and loved ones.

55. Zeus: King of the gods, Zeus is known by many names, depending upon the culture you visit, but the most well-known to Shihpoo Central readers will be Jupiter and Jove. You might even call your mighty Shihpoo furbaby Zeus of Olympus or Zeus of Cronus.

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